Candidate Smith’s in Hock to Fluvanna

A Fluvanna BoS candidate owes $50k in back taxes to the county. That’s gotta be awkward.  #

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  • Ahem. Fluvanna hasn’t updated their online property owner records in nearly a year! Now we know why.

  • Donald W. Weaver, 76, who has represented the Cunningham District on Fluvanna’s board for 20 years, will face Smith in the Nov. 3 election. Weaver, a Republican, declined to comment on Smith’s taxes.
    “I would not weigh in on that,” he said.

    Is that… is that class I see? From a politician? Color me impressed.

  • It is not that uncommon. The DP ran a feature on a Buckingham Co. Supervisor last summer that owed thousands to the IRS and quite a bit to the County as well. I think the guy did start making payments on it. But not until it was public knowledge.

  • HES is correct. We ran several stories on Joe Chambers from Buckingham.

    A few of them can be found here

    I will see if I can dig up the original article.

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