6 thoughts on “Jefferson School City Center”

  1. I can’t really picture how this is going to work. I am glad that they’re keeping Carver Rec center, and renovating it, and I’m glad that they’re creating an African American Heritage Center — If it’s well done, that could be a positive thing for our community. I am curious to see who the tenants will be and how it will all fit together. Local companies in the education field would be a natural fit as tenants, if any of them are looking for new digs. But I haven’t checked out the space in detail to see if that’s even feasible. I’m curious to hear what you think about it, Waldo. You said “Somehow, this isn’t what I expected.” What were you expecting?

  2. That last sentence has sparked my interest, too. The complex was also supposed to sold to a for-profit corporation that could take advantage of the tax credits, since only for profits pay the feds taxes. That corporation would then renovate the property and lease out spaces to a variety of tenants.

  3. I meant back when all of this was a hot issue, back around…oh, I guess it was 2002. All sorts of ideas were envisioned, and I expected that, at the end of the process, we’d emerge with something like half of the building as a sort of a museum to something pertaining to black history, and the other half a home to non-profits or community groups. Nobody had any idea of how to bring such a thing about but, still, that’s been fixed in my head as the likely outcome of all of this. So for it to emerge as basically an office building is too bad, at least from the perspective of 2002. OTOH, that’s a dead zone in downtown (extending to Staples and the sea of parking in front of it) that I’d love to see filled in with warm bodies, and I hope this helps.

  4. Was that info helpful? I read in one place they’re hoping to get it up and running by 2011 and somewhere else as 2012. I hope that this discrepancy is not a symptom of something.
    I’ve noticed that Frank Stoner is involved in this project. I remember the city sold him old wastewater treatment property for residential development maybe 10 years ago, but I don’t think anything has been built. Does anybody know what’s the status on that property?

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