6 thoughts on “H1N1 Rampant in Schools”

  1. Waldo, H1N1 is different in that it is more serious for young people and less serious for elders thana typical flu- worth noting.
    My thoughts today have been with the Woodbrook Elementary family who lost their child, and the grieving school community.

  2. I certainly wouldn’t claim that it’s identical, Gail, just that it’s basically the same, which I think is an accurate description. As Courteney writes about this young boy, he nearly died from seasonal flu a couple of years ago. As the boy’s father says, “[t]here’s no evidence to support that the swine flu is worse than the regular flu.” Not worse but, yes, it is different.

  3. Waldo, We really don’t know if it’s worse yet. It may be worse for certain populations such as pregnant women and young children. Time will tell

  4. I haven’t seen any evidence that H1N1 is any harder on certain populations than it is on other populations, nor any evidence that it is harder on certain populations than “regular” flu is. It’s a different virus than “regular” (seasonal) flu. The usual groups are considered to be at higher risk. A pregnant woman would always be at a higher risk for complications from flu. Infants would always be at a higher risk.

    My heart breaks for this family that lost their nine year old son. My son is nine years old. Sue is right that they are amazing people to be able to look outward and address the community at a time like this. I don’t know that I could do the same.

    I tried calling my pediatrician this morning and was on hold for a long time; they were getting slammed with phone calls, more than they normally get even on a Monday morning. After I gave up and called back later, they had changed their answering machine message so that they were basically addressing questions about the availability flu vaccine on the message itself. That tells me a lot of parents are panicking in the wake of the news of this little boy’s death. (In my defense, I wasn’t calling about H1N1 vaccine–I was calling about seasonal flu vaccine.)

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