Annual Raises for County Teachers Unlikely

County teachers aren’t likely to get their annual pay raise next year, Brandon Shulleeta reports in the Progress today. That’s already the case for state employees, who aren’t getting any raises for performance or cost of living increases, and with Albemarle facing the same economic conditions, it looks like there’s no way around limiting teacher pay likewise. No official decision has been made, but with a $4.7M shortfall in the county budget, it may as well have been.

2 thoughts on “Annual Raises for County Teachers Unlikely”

  1. Tons of people haven’t gotten raises in several years. Many have lost their jobs. Many have lost their houses. Of those who have fallen upon hard times, many would be glad to make the same amount of money they made two years ago.
    Will the teachers be leaving to get higher paying jobs in other localities? No, because they would have left before if they could have gotten hired at the higher salary.

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