No Yard Sale Regulation

The city planning commission isn’t going to regulate yard sales after all, Sean Tubbs writes for Charlottesville Tomorrow. They were considering requiring permits in response to homeowners holding never-ending “yard sales” that really amount to unlicensed businesses selling quasi-junk in an area not zoned for businesses, and also because of the illegal posting of signs to promote legitimate yard sales. (Two examples provided are the produce stand somebody set up on the corner of Long and High recently and the sketchy sales of rugs and shoes in an empty parking lot on Preston). The commission figures that there are enough existing laws that make these sorts of things illegal that there’s no need to require that everybody else go through an onerous process to hold a simple yard sale.

9 thoughts on “No Yard Sale Regulation”

  1. There’s also the house on Locust Avenue that has a yard sale almost every single weekend and, in between, will often have a piece of furniture in the front yard with a price tag on it. I wonder how their neighbors feel about that…

  2. If I were their neighbor, I frankly wouldnt care. There are lots worse things a neighbor could be doing.
    Glad to see for once common sense prevailed

  3. How about the perpetual yard sale on Fifth Avenue (right before Cleveland Avenue going towards 64 on the right hand side).
    They literally are out there every day selling their crap.
    The whole family is usually sittting out there chatting with the neighbors. I think this is probably their job as I don’t see when they go to work. And I do mean they are out there EVERY single day.
    Every time I go by, I want to stop just once to see what kind of crap they have out there trying to sell.

  4. Jeff, the folks on 5th street are yard sale liquidators. They go around to other yard sales, buy cheap or take it away once the yard sale is over and then put the “crap” in their front yard to sell. Their are several people in town who do this very thing during the “yard” sale season.

  5. wow really?
    So it’s like a 3rd hand yard sale?
    Who the hell buys that crap?
    Also, how did you find this out?
    Have you been to that house?
    So they are basically running a salvation army on their lawn!

    How long is their season? March till December?

    I would assume those people still fall under this article since they are out there 8 months out of the year.

  6. I thought for sure this would pass. Just as a way to create work for Neighborhood Development Services staff and building inspectors who now have nothing to do. Probably would have if it was before council instead of the planning commission.

  7. It was always my impression that the sketchy yard sale on Preston was somehow affiliated with Region Ten, since it’s in the corner of their parking lot. Doesn’t seem they would allow it otherwise. It’s always women with their children——kind of a nice thing on that sad run of pavement.

    Anyway, that’s good news. It’s amazing how a nice thing is ruined when you have to file the paperwork.

  8. “Just as a way to create work for Neighborhood Development Services staff and building inspectors who now have nothing to do.”

    The NDS inspectors have lots to do right now. The leaves are starting to fall and that’s when they make their annual sweep through neighborhoods looking for people to write up. They will sometimes deny that is something they do, but an inspector doing exactly that told me what she was doing and why.

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