3 thoughts on “Old Ivy Train Trestle Crumbling?”

  1. Something should definitely be done about that bridge, if for no other reason than the width clearance of the road. However, for the people that are scared of driving under it, just head down towards Bellair Market. Old Ivy Road is not a dead end road and coming and going from another direction is not that difficult.

    Then again, I suppose that’s like asking people to hang up their cell phone so they can pay attention while driving. It’s amazing how much we value convenience over life sometimes.

  2. Speaking as someone who works in an office on Old Ivy Road, there just plain aren’t any good options for getting in and out of there. The hairpin turn by Bellair Market to get onto the north end of Old Ivy isn’t much fun either, especially when you’re doing it just as a large truck is coming off the bypass in the other direction.

    Back when folks drove vehicles with reasonable dimensions, the railroad underpass was actually not too horribly narrow. If it were in the UK people would zip through without a care in the world, as it offers more clearance than the typical village road there. But in a world of people still driving montster SUVs who can’t calculate their horizontal dimensions to a plus-minus factor of less than a yard in either direction, it’s obviously a source of terror.

    Old Ivy is a pedestrian’s and cyclist’s nightmare as well, especially near the underpass. Farther up, a walker can at least get onto the grass verges, but the bypass area is another death trap. Even just crossing the street perpendicularly on foot, as I often do coming from North Grounds, can be challenging when drivers are doing the typical 45 mph around the curves rather than the posted speed limit.

  3. It amazes me that almost none of the persons reacting to this article seem to get it. It’s not about the traversing in an out of Old Ivy Road. It’s about the dire, advancing degree of decay on the north side of the abutment’s overpass,foreboding a disaster if nothing is being done to remedy this situation.
    The problem has been clearly stated in the Cville article with reference to the people responsible for the maintenance of the overpass. Please folks, open your eyes and put on your thinking cap!

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