“Bicentennial Ballad” Discussion

Don’t miss the comments in response to the Bicentennial Ballad article—Rey Barry and Steve Ashby are educating us about local music and media history.  #

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  • I’m the person who actually has the 45, the autographed jacket and the 2 page letter from Art Garfunkel. My Uncle – Carl B. Handy was in the music business in Charlottesville for all of his adult life. I have a box full of “master” reel to reel tapes of folks he has recorded, not to mention 100’s of 45’s recorded on the Monticello Label and many more 45’s of local labels from the 70’s. I also have a few copies of the Charlottesville Bicentenial Ballad and a jacket that is not autographed. If anyone would like to see my Uncles collection I would be happy to show them off. You may contact me at keymasterv@aol.com

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