Scottsville Votes Down Meals Tax Increase

The Dew Drop Inn's sign.
The now-defunct Dew Drop in, on Scottsville’s main drag, the iconic restaurant of the town. (Nannette Saunders / CC)

Scottsville Town Council has voted down a plan to hike their meals tax, Jason Bacaj writes in today’s Progress. In a 3-3 vote they decided not to increase the tax by 1%, to 5%, with one councilor saying that it “sends a bad signal” while they’re “trying to get new restaurants to town.” The increase would have brought in an estimated $20,000 annually. The price of gasoline is high enough that I can’t see that it would have made a difference from the perspective of a customer; if you live in Scottsville, it’s not worth the drive to C’ville, and if you don’t, then the cost of driving there is going to exceed significantly the additional pocket change that the tax would run you.

Bacaj, incidentally, is a recent hire new intern at the Progress. He’s a newly-minted graduate from rising senior at Washington & Lee University, where his bio at the school newspaper indicates that he was a member of their football team, he’s a skier, he double-majored in biology and journalism, and he hails from Morgantown.

07/07 Update: Matthew Rosenberg points out that Bacaj is an intern, rather than an employee.

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