Kiplinger’s Rates C’ville #4

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance has ranked the best cities in the country to live in and, damn it all, we’re number four. We’re behind Huntsville, Albuquerque, and Washington D.C., and just ahead of Athens, Olympia, Madison, and Austin. (Kiplinger’s apparently has a soft spot for liberal college towns.) It was in 2004 that Frommer’s rated Charlottesville’s the top city to live in, which put Our Fair City in the spotlight and led legions of people to move here from New Jersey, driving up the cost of housing. Then, in 2007, Frommer’s dropped us to #17…because of the high cost of housing. So remember, if anybody asks, Charlottesville’s cost of living, housing shortage, skyrocketing unemployment rate, terrible schools, gang violence, and industrial waste problems all make it an awful place to live. Thanks to SBE for the tip.

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