3 thoughts on “Snow Nominated for Board of Supervisors”

  1. How come we can’t get people running for City Council with his sort of experience and background?
    Where are our Darden Towes and Lawrence Bruntons today, people with solid business experience, common sense and a commitment to the community?

  2. Snow is someone that I think I may disagree on policy with, but that most people can respect as a person. I think he’ll be an worthy introduction to the race.

    Hollowboy, I agree, that Snow is the kind of Republican that they need to look for in the City. A respected person with a long history of community service.

  3. Why would a republican run in the city? Obama got nearly 80% of the vote, you’re asking a good business person with a great history to make a suicide run.

    Hey I would like to see the race be about the way the city should be run but that’s a tough hill to climb.

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