City Republicans Seeking Anonymity

City Republicans think their best shot at winning office is if people don’t know that they’re Republicans. I’d recommend running candidates who haven’t stabbed people repeatedly, but I’m just spitballing here.  #

2 Responses to “City Republicans Seeking Anonymity”

  • build it and they will whine

    Waldo, you don’t mean anonymity, you mean witness protection.

  • Ithought the Republicans were asking for non-partisan local elections. That idea may help independents to run for office with out being overrun by the money raised by either party. It may even require a candidate to have a clear and succinct platform rather than just a name association. It may even require more voters to think about the candidate and the office he wishes to fill. It may even require the candidate to focus on the desires of his constituents and less about those of his party. I think it’s an idea worth investigating.

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