Non-Democrat Gearing Up for Council Run

One Bob Fenwick appears to be preparing to run for City Council, Rachana Dixit writes in the Daily Progress today. It’s not clear (to me) whether he’s a Republican, independent, or unaffiliated Democrat, but he’s doing the sorts of things that one does before running for office. Just in the past month he’s made increasingly public statements on behalf of the Coalition to Preserve McIntire Park, he’s promoted the eyeball-burning, and most recently has demanded that Mayor Dave Norris increase spending drastically, eliminating the city’s savings to hire “41 men and women” for capital improvements and maintenance work. When asked by Dixit if he intends to run for Council, he said that he’d make “a political announcement” soon and, cryptically, that “there is an action [he] will take first.” In an undated note on one of his websites he writes that “in a week or two I’ll announce what I, personally, will do.”

Running to the left of Charlottesville Democrats is certainly a bold political gambit.

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