Bricking Under the Influence?

Chris Konizer photographed a strange rebricking goof on the Downtown Mall.  #

4 Responses to “Bricking Under the Influence?”

  • Gman says:

    I was noticing that too. After further examination I think it might be some sort of compliance deal. If you look closely, both sides are aligned with the sidewalks they start with. There is a much bigger discrepancy on 4th street by 5 guys.

  • TheCowSaysMoo says:

    It looks like it may be part of a drainage system? There seems to be a drain at the sidewalk and there’s definitely a drain in the middle/right of the photo, so maybe the drain moves diagonally across the Mall at that point. Not sure, but it’s more likely than someone doing THAT bad of a job.

    To me, the true fail is the fact that they shimmied those thin slices of brick to finish the portion just to the left of the “covers” or whatever they are (bottom half of the photo in the center). That’s just poor bricking planning and they’re bound to come up sooner rather than later, which will lead to wobbly bricks and a potential hazard.

  • pocketrule says:

    The brick misalignment would be unacceptable in most other situations, but I guess the old saying “good enough for government work” hold true yet again in Charlottesville. Remember, the City Hall Annex ended up 4 feet from where it was supposed to be. This counts as right on target by that standard.

    I wonder if an architect was supervising the brick work. The city hired one for the project didn’t it?

  • MM says:

    These are called “truncated domes”. They are placed at road crossings in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act as a means of making persons with visual disabilities aware that they are about to enter a road, via the change in texture under their feet. You might recall that these strips were installed on the Mall when the 4th Street crossing was opened.

    Looking at the alignment of the domes, it’s pretty clear what happened. The strips were started from the back of the cross street curbs on opposite edges of the Mall, and hit in the middle. I’d be surprised if this little mistake was not fixed very soon.

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