More Dumps Found on Batesville Property

Albemarle is investigating two more dumps on the Chiles family property in Batesville, Brandon Shulleeta reports in today’s Daily Progress. Henry Chiles has already been cited for a large illegal dump on his property, but eagle-eyed readers noted that it wasn’t the only dump visible on Google Maps, where one more presumed dump can be spotted. The DEQ says that this dump is the worst in the area in recent history. Mr. Chiles says that he’ll clean it up, and maintains that he didn’t know anything about the waste until the county informed him.

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  1. A question that I might ask is along these lines… “Do orchard owners have illegal alien help and what do the over 100 workers for something this sized do with their garbage?”

  2. I guess they do the same as the citizen workers did in Albemarle County fifty years ago, dump garbage in secluded areas on farms. Thousands of appliances, building materials, plates, bottles, petroleum barrels, cars etc. have been buried for years all over the place. Having lived here as long as I have, I’m quite stupified that this incident is getting this much media coverage. It reminds me of the coverage of Vick’s dog operation compared to Albemarle’s history of cock fighting especially near Scottsville.

  3. No fighting cock ever got loose and killed innocent people but several pit bulls have done just that

  4. @keypunch: My pitbull lying peacefully on the floor thanks you for continuing the stereotype.

  5. When’s the last time a couple of labs got loose and mauled a child?

    While our nation certainly has a history of dumps (we have an old one in our back yard), we also have a lot more knowledge now regarding the possible environmental hazards of a dump, especially if portions of the dump have been burned.

  6. Many a human being has been “spured” by many a rooster. I just Googled “spurred by a rooster.”
    I don’t recall a child being mauled by a dog at a dog fight. I’m sure there have been some but there certainly hasn’t been an epidemic.

  7. “When’s the last time a couple of labs got loose and mauled a child?”

    You’re missing the point. Any dog might “get loose and maul a child” if you keep it in a cage its whole life, kick it, starve it, rubber-band its ears until they fall off, don’t exercise it unless you’re throwing it out to other dogs as bait, and so on and so on… Hell at that point, even I might start mauling children.

    The fact that humans have chosen pitbulls as they breed they prefer to torture has nothing to do with the dog’s natural characteristics. Pitbulls were considered nanny dogs early on in America until the rednecks and thugs got ahold of them and started fighting them for some sick entertainment.

    If you neglect your child, beat him and scold him his whole life, chances are he’ll turn out to be a nutbar. The same thing applies to dogs. To insinuate that pit-bulls are naturally disposed to hurt people is just ignorant and misinformed.

    Also I can’t believe that this thread turned into this. I’ve really got to quit coming here – someone always throws out some off-the-wall jackass statement that diverts from the original topic. Maybe it’s my fault for taking the troll’s bait. In any event, goodbye cvillenews. You are one crazy place.

  8. I googled rooster attack statistics and found nothing. I then googled dog attack statistics and found plenty, generally pitbulls. AB, would you agree that people shouldn’t be allowed to own pitbulls, since the owners are generally up to no good?

  9. Bull terriers are dangerous not because they’re unstable or violent, but because they are enormously powerful, and so if they do attack, the outcome can be a great deal worse than with other dogs. They tend to be owned by people who acquire them to look tough, who want them to act tough, and who make them mean. If pit bulls ceased to exist, then instead we’d be having this discussion about rottweilers or something.

    IIRC, poodles are the breed responsible for the greatest number of human injuries. But they’re poodles, so the damage is limited. I mean, I wouldn’t want to be attacked by one, but better a poodle than a pit bull.

    Incidentally, this is why it’s a bad idea to leave a child alone with a pit bull. That’s not a pretty sight.

  10. Why would anyone want to keep statistics on the number of people being spurred by a rooster? Do they keep statistics on cat scratches?

  11. Well, the other day I when running from a spurring Rooster I was tripped by a marauding Lab who had been bitten by a rabid Democrat that tried to hug a Pit Bull who looked like Rush Limbaugh and I ended up hiding under a tree where I was scratched by a cat resulting in me singing uber right wing Ted Nugent “Cat Scratch Fever.”

    Then the police thought I was an escaped convict and we all went home.

    Lets see if anyone can roll this thread any further off course…?

  12. Anyone can feel free to continue talking about the dumps, why the anger? If we hadn’t gotten off course, we would never have been able to read the delightful story.

  13. Danpri, I am extremely good at running threads off course. Watch this!

    Your mention of being an escaped convict hits pretty close to home. Do you realize our little city had an escaped convict running loose a few weeks ago? He escaped from the Charlottesville Circuit Court. And the public wasn’t even informed of the escape or what the escapeee looked like. You could have been walking your poodle in Lee Park while this escapee was deciding whether or not to mug you for money to buy food.

    I don’t know why the current watch at the City Sheriff’s Office refuses to share information pertaining to public safety with the citizens and taxpayers in this community.

    I hope the public votes to get rid of the old guard and put somebody in office as sheriff that will take public safety a litle more serious.

    Going off course even more, there was another incident a few weeks back where a person left the General District Court, obtained a can of mace, and snuck back into the courtroom setting it off as they attacked another person. With the Democratic nomination for a candidate for the office of Sheriff right around the corner, you didn’t hear about this as well most likely. We spend all this tax money providing courthouse and courtroom security and a person is able to smuggle a can of mace into a courtroom? How do you suppose the old guard at the Sheriff’s Office would explain this, even if they had even made a press release about it? Which they didn’t.

    I think I win the award fro leading this thread off topic the most. Too damn bad it involves such serious issues, eh?

  14. Okay, let me see if I follow the logic…

    Illegal dumping of tons of garbage at crown orchard = Other anonymous dumps 50 years ago. Crown orchard got media attention, for dumping.

    Cock fighting in Scottsville = Dog Fighting. Dog fighting got media attention.

    Therefore illegal dumping = Cockfighting

    Based on this solid logic, I suggest they should prosecute Mr. Chiles for cock fighting

  15. ps – if a person can smuggle a can of mace into a courtroom in our city, how much harder can it be to smuggle a firearm into the courtroom? I sure wouldn’t want to be sitting in a courtroom for a speeding ticket and take a stray bullet to the back of my head!

    The old guard needs to go!

  16. “Okay, let me see if I follow the logic…” There is no logic implicit in facts. However, feel free to draw any conclusions that you please.
    BTW, according to WINA today, the first site has been cleaned up to a condtion that is satisfying the County officials, and the owner is now moving on to the other sites.

  17. But…. but…. people won’t have anything to whine about after the owner cleans it all up. Think of the children!

    I was sitting back thinking over my tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich…. an illegal dump is discovered, clearly a potential hazard to public safety, and the county issues press releases? But when the City Sheriff has an escapee roaming the streets, a more serious threat to public safety, no press release is made. What’s wrong with this picture?

    Danpri, no rabid democrats were injured in the typing of this reply. Or were they? :)

  18. It’s good that Mr. Chiles cleaned it up quickly, and he does deserve some credit for that.

    I can’t imagine that the soil tests are back yet though, and the press release, if I understood it correctly, basically said the case was closed in terms of the zoning violation. That doesn’t necessarily mean the DEQ is done.

    Demopublican, the real concern with a site like this is that because there are few protections on the rural area there’s nothing to stop this orchard from becoming the next Waylands Grant. When that land use changes, and homes are built on the former dump site then families could come into contact with any toxins remaining in the soil or the groundwater. After all, if batteries (probably containing mercury) were being dumped there, then who’s to say that pesticides weren’t being dumped there too?

    A unauthorized dump sounds like no big deal, but the same factors here can easily lead to an orchard becoming a superfund site, like this one, and then your tax money might have to be used to clean it up. Plus, I’m sure having a superfund site in the neighborhood doesn’t really help anyone’s property values much.

  19. Gee, I wonder if the deputy/baliff was asleep in the courtroom and let the inmate escape????

  20. Mr/Mrs/Miss Hmmmm…. it’s certainly possible. But this fact would still not justify the public not being notified by the current “old guard” City Sheriff that an escapee was roaming the streets. It’s been nice to hide the bad publicity from the public, but I think new blood is needed in this Sheriff’s Department in the interest of public safety. People have a right to know when an escapee is out on the streets amongst them.

    I know one deputy who was accused of falling asleep in court. But you know what, he was damn good at recapturing escapees other deputies let get away. Right off the top of my head I can easily recall three to his credit…. 1) a guy named Percy G. who was living in the woods beside Barracks Road Shopping Cennter, 2) a guy he knocked off a bicycle with the front fender of his unmarked car and recaptured on 10th Street N.W., and 3) a guy he recaptured one evening 2 blocks from the Charlottesville Circuit Court from where he escaped. I’m sure there were others, but those three come to mind as I type. Bet you didn’t know here’s so many escapes in Charlottesvile, did you? They’re all covered up and hidden. Elected officials don’t want the bad press, especially so close to an election like this year! HaHaHa!!!

    Come to think of it, I guess it’s possible the baliff/deputy fell asleep when a can of mace was snuck into the General District Court and set off too. I’m just glad it wasn’t a firearm and the judge and innocent citizens didn’t catch a stray bullet in the disorder.

    Please ask some more questions, I love to talk!

  21. So a pair of gay junkyard dogs who decide to be married in a courthouse instead of a church will have to do so in fear of being maced by a postal service employee or other crazy person who is able to slip through security?

  22. dee rayler, yes. If postal employees and other crazy people slip though courthouse security successfully, I guess the gay junkyard dogs will have to do so in fear of being maced. Or even worse, in fear of being shot.

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