Phillip Brown Running for Sheriff

BrownCharlottesville police sergeant Phillip Brown intends to run for Charlottesville sheriff, Scott Shenk reported in the Daily Progress on Friday. Not to be confused with James E. Brown, also a candidate, Phillip Brown has been with the Charlottesville PD since 1992. Brown is the third candidate to announce in the month and a half since Democratic incumbent Cornelia Johnson announced that she won’t seek a third term. All are seeking the Democratic nomination.

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  1. As a former member of this sheriff’s department for several decades, I think this is great news! Phillip Brown has the right stuff to make new and interesting things happen within the sheriff’s office. He has extensive experience and knowledge from serving our country (Marine) and serving the citizens of Charlottesville while with the Charlottesville Police Department. (Philip Brown also wasn’t hired and promoted within this department by his father like candidate Mike Baird was. Being the recipient of nepotism does not make Baird a good candidate in my opinion.)

    Another concern I have had all along is the fact that the title of city sheriff is the only high ranking law enforcement we have let an African American hold in this area for as long as I can recall. Because of this I was hoping to see an African American replace Cornelia Johnson.

    Democrat, Republican or independent… he has the vote of my family members and as many friends as I can get out to vote.

  2. I think experience is great, but I also think education is important too, especially if you are going to head a department. And the other Brown seems to have both.

  3. Wow…I actually recognize this guy. He is always at the police sub-station located in Walker Square.

  4. I was shocked to here Sgt. Brown running for Sheriff of Charlottesville, He was a great role model in my life. Brown is a very positive person, and a very strong leader. Good Luck Sgt.

  5. There definitely needs to be some education standards attached to the job qualifications, and the candidates need to let the voters know their educational background. I for one want a combination of education and experience in a candidate for this office.

  6. If given a choice, then yes to experience and education. But, no to education without experience.

  7. I don’t know about Sgt. Brown’s education, but I do know that he understands the importance of education in improving the lives of our young people, having spent a significant chunk of time at Charlottesville High School. I have met Sgt. Brown, and I have also met many highly educated idiots. Life is its own education, and what Sgt. Brown knows about life, leadership, and service probably can’t be taught.

  8. I’ve seen him in action and haven’t been impressed. One time, I watched him literally run in the other direction when some vandals stole something and he was in uniform. I couldn’t believe it. I was thinking “is this guy really a cop?” as the thieves ran off.

    Perhaps he was tucked away as the school resource officer because of behavior like that?

  9. Gerbera, I will agree with you 100% that being tucked away as a school resource officer often involves getting some cops off the street for various reasons. Often it’s because they could singlehandedly screw up a two car funeral escort at 3:00 a.m. in the morning. And it’s well documented in this area alone that they can’t then do anything right as a school resource officer as well. Had one a few years back where the parents were ready to physically take him down a notch or two if necessary, but the department removed him from the school system. (The Hook did a long story on this one cop, entitled Tarnishing The Badge or something similar to those words.)

    But I can guarantee you this is not the case with Sgt Phillip Brown. He isn’t a school resource officer anyway, he is the supervisor, the program leader.

    Furthermore, unless you have it on video, I do not for one second believe the tale you told above. I think you have Sgt Phillip Brown confused with another cop.

  10. Yeah, DemoRambo- just like we believe anything you say happened decades ago around here. We’re supposed to trust your judgment on Brown? Ask the current Cville cops what they think…

  11. Why would it matter what the current Charlottesville cops think? The vast majority of them don’t even live in the city and can’t vote for Baird, Brown or Brown. In case you don’t recall, we have to listen to the city cops repeaedly whine and moan about not making enough money to live in the city in which they work. Or is that just a ploy to get more raises and benefits?
    Keep fighting the good fight though. If you can show me any qualifications Mike Baird has to be sheriff, other than the fact his daddy hired him and promoted him within the Sheriff’s Department, you might be able to convince me to vote for him. The floor is yours…..

  12. Just as Demopublican can’t fathom that Brown did something wrong, I can’t fathom electing him to a position with more power than the one he presently has.

    If I had video of the incident about which I wrote, I wouldn’t be frustrated. I could have shown it to another cop and they would have picked up the two thieves.

    I know to whom I was talking. It was Phillip Brown, in uniform. I have no reason to fabricate a story about this guy. I don’t know or support any of the other candidates. I shared my story to balance out the gushing posts that seem to have been made by Brown’s friends and/or family.

  13. Gerbera, that’s the way politics works. Friends and family of all candidates support and endorse the candidate of their choice. Duh. They also turn out at the polls to vote for them.

    Even if your tale above is true, all candidates have skeletons in their closet. A retired police captain (now living in Arizona) can tell you about how he had to wade into a group of disorderly people at the Fraternal Order of Police lodge one night and had to physically start arresting some of them. One of the other candidates that you say you don’t know stood by and refused to help him….. even after being commanded to do so. This was a lot more serious than standing there and watching a vandal get away as you claim.

  14. You seem to be saying that two candidates have refused to act when duty called for them to. Perhaps neither deserve our votes.

  15. Phillip Brown is a decorated Vietnam veteran, so I don’t see him running away from a crime. One of the things we must do, on blogs and otherwise, is try to see through the bull. One blogger writing that they saw such and such is really no different than another saying that they saw Mike Baird playing with himself in his squad car, which I am not saying, of course. It just makes me wonder who Gerbera is and what he wants.

    As far as school resource officers, these guys are frequently picked to be in the schools because they have the patience to deal with (and the interest in dealing with) difficult youth. A lot of police officers don’t have this level of patience.

  16. I don’t think siting in a city owned vehicle playing with yourself disqualifies anybody from elected office. Unless they are caught in the act by a juvenile perhaps. Then it’s a pretty serious crime. Well, I guess it would be a crime if an adult sees it too, indecent exposure! :)
    But then again, I also don’t Mike Baird being hired by his father (who was sheriff at the time), and being promoted within the Sheriff’s Department by his father qualifies him as a candidate either. I don’t see where candidate Sgt Phillip Brown or candidate James Brown have been handed anything on a silver platter.

  17. I grew up with James Brown and have known his family for my entire life. There could not be a smarter, more honest and decent person in this race than James. I’m not knocking the other candidates, but I can vouch personally for James Brown. I think his outlook and energy will be a fresh change for the office.

    James is product of Charlottesville. He was educated in Charlottesville schools. He raises his family in Charlottesville. He’s a taxpayer and more importantly he could be a role model for the youth of Charlottesville.

    His entire professional career has been in the world justice. He has the spirit, experience, and energy to excel as City Sheriff.

    I’m not telling anyone how to vote, but I can say that James Brown deserves your consideration.

  18. Now that all three candidates have their web sites up and running, I noticed the strangest thing…. Sgt Phillip Brown and Officer James Brown both mention their wives and children. I can’t understand why Mike Baird makes no mention of his wife??? Or is he still single? I might be old fashioned, but I think a married man who has settled down and finished sowing his oats is a much better candidate.

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