Spivey Slated for Release on Tuesday

Child molester Jonathan Spivey is due to be released from the Buckingham Correctional Center on Tuesday, I see on the Virginia Department of Corrections’ site. The 49-year-old Charlottesville High School choral director and Mount Zion Baptist Church minister of music pleaded guilty to taking indecent sexual liberties with a minor, in his own office at CHS, and was sentenced to twenty years in prison in 2007. All but 21 months was suspended; perhaps the 4.5 month shortfall is from time served prior to sentencing. He was sentenced to five years probation after his release, and he’ll have to register as a sex offender.

3 thoughts on “Spivey Slated for Release on Tuesday”

  1. I’m so stunned I can barely speak. Twenty years, twenty months… ya think there’s a difference?

  2. if i was mr spivey i just hide somewhere and never ever come out again. he should have gotten at least 3 years in jail. but i’m not the judge. I was at CHS when he was teaching. i didn’t take his class. he was very very odd.

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