9 thoughts on “WAHU Cuts Off “24” Season Premiere”

  1. Especially since imdb lists Mary Lynn Rajskub in the credits for that particular episode. I bet she’s in the missing footage. CURSES!

  2. Does anyone know at what time the feed went down? I’d like to check and see if my feed was affected but I don’t want to scan through the whole show, for obvious reasons.

  3. We have Dish Network with local stations. It was in the second hour, last half, possibly last quarter. I wish I’d grabbed my camera this time around. The screen *here* was magenta. When Dish goes out, the screen pixelates and goes to a satellite signal search screen.

  4. Quick fix to remember if you are on Comcast-Channel 18 is WTTG-another Fox affiliate. Thank goodness my teenager was on the scene to rescue me!

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