BoS Selects Slutzky as Chair

The Board of Supervisors has selected Rio District representative David Slutzky as its new chair, replacing Ken Boyd, of the Rivanna District, the county has announced via press release. But the shift is more than geographic—Slutzky is probably the most liberal member of the board, while Boyd is surely the most conservative. With the election of White Hall District’s Anne Mallek in 2007, the BoS became majority-Democratic. (Mallek was named the BoS’ vice chair today.) Slutzky can drive conservative Republicans to distraction, so expect today’s change to lead to some anger and hand-wringing in some quarters of the county.

12 thoughts on “BoS Selects Slutzky as Chair”

  1. Well I hope he’ll bring about a bit more change than we’ve seen so far. I’d hoped that a Democratic majority would cause the county to come up with some more responsible contraints on growth. So far that hasn’t been the case.

    The C-ville Tommorow article mentions that Sally Thomas’ term is up next year. While I personally would hope that she’ll run for another term, I’ve heard a rumor that she probably will not. I wonder if I should run for her seat?

    Waldo, how does that work anyway? How does one get the Democrats to nominate you? I suspect I’d stand a chance in hades, but who knows?

  2. Actually, Lonnie, BoS seats are officially nonpartisan. Parties don’t nominate candidates. You just up and run. :) You’d just need to file your papers with the SBE, get enough signatures to show up on the ballot, and you’re in.

  3. TJ, the city system is much simpler- you get the democratic nomination and your in. No need for lots of mail and pesky door to door. If your really luckly they will change the nominating process just to screw you. (just like they did for Waldo)

    As for the Chairman of the BOS I thought they did on taking turns. And if you do it right your the Chairman when you run for re-election. Slutsky, who never seen a tax increase he didn’t like, will probably try to get his unworkable development rights scheme going.

  4. I’ve spoken to Slutsky about his TDR proposal, and I suspect he’d be okay with a much simplier TDR program serving a much smaller and specific need.

    For example, currently it is extremely difficult, if not impossible to get an easement on a small parcel. You can’t even donate them most of the time because no one will hold them.

    It may be possible that through TDR the county could grant small land owners a means to voluntarily extinguish the division rights on their properties and acquire the same tax benefit as those using land use.

    Initially the program could serve just to remove development rights from small parcels containing identified rare species, or items of cultural or historical value to the community. This would then also preserve TDR as a tool for later use.

    This is one way of going forward with TDR that I think everyone could support.

  5. Actually the City Council and Board of Supervisor elections for November 2009 are handled the same way. Political parties can place a nominee on the ballot between May 8, 2009 and June 9, 2009. Both the Albemarle County Republicans and Albemarle County Democrats nominated candidates for the Board of Supervisors in 2007. Charlottesville Democrats nominated a slate of three candidates for City Council.

    Candidates can also opt to run as independents and then their petition signatures and candidate declaration forms have to be submitted by June 9, 2009.

    It is the School Board races that are non-partisan in that only the voters, through petition signatures, can place a school board candidate on the ballot. The political parties may endorse after the fact, but they can’t get you on the ballot for school board.

    Brian Wheeler
    Charlottesville Tomorrow

  6. That’s really interesting, Brian—I had no idea. Reading through the archives of, it’s apparent that I once knew that, but at some point it vanished from my head. :) Thanks!

  7. Okay then… question remains. How does one get the Democrats to nominate you? Basically do you attend alot of parties and just talk up your potential, or is there actually a process of some sort?

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