3 thoughts on “Downtown Tarot Card Reader Dies”

  1. I know him but I don’t know him. I mean I saw him day after day for years but never talked to him. He was a good addition to downtown ambiance. Never hassled anyone, never annoyed anyone. I was glad that he was there.

    The good ones all die. The good ones and the interesting ones. Steve Weiner, Budda Phil, Phil Gininy, etc. Heart attacks, usually.

  2. I wasn’t close to Ed Rowe, but I did interact with him on a regular basis (most often back in the days when I worked at the Tea House). To the extent that I knew him, he was kind, generous, and patient. He’ll be missed.

    I’d like to add “Loki” (whose real name I never knew) and Carl Carter to the list of formerly ever-present downtown individuals who are sorely missed.

  3. I used to sit and talk to Ed for a long time until he shooed me away. After an hour of talking, he used to say it was “time to look mystical and make some money.”

    Talking with Ed meant more to me than he probably knew. He would tell me things I didn’t understand at the time, but as time went on, I realized were very true. He was the wisest kind of wise man – the kind who didn’t even know he was wise.

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