3 thoughts on “Albino Deer Photos”

  1. I was at a party in the country, at dusk, looking out at the fields. Near the house there was a striking white-marble statue of a doe, life-sized.

    I turned to my host to comment on the statue, which, of course, abruptly vanished before anybody else saw it.

    I assume it was an albino deer. Nobody believed me.

  2. about 10 years ago i was living off jpa extended. one morning i woke up early, and as i glanced out the back window i saw an albino deer between my and my neighbor’s yards. unfortunately i didn’t have a camera at the time, b/c it just stood there for a good 20 minutes grazing. it was pretty cool. i believe it was a doe, so maybe this is the same one.

  3. If deer hunting is legal, hunting albino deer should be legal. They are mutations, not a separate species or sub-species, and I can’t think of any empirically based reason why they should be treated differently in the state legislation governing hunting. That said, I imagine that most deer hunters would have enough of a sense of the marvelous and uncanny that they’d refrain from shooting one. (Speaking as a non-hunter, I should probably add.)

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