6 thoughts on “Christmas in Charlottesville, 1950s-60s”

  1. I would like to know where the single color photo of a children’s Christmas pagent (at 1:34 in the video) came from? I couldn’t find it in the collection and since I recognize the location I wanted to see a better copy of it.

  2. I like the one of the gal in her little go-go boots sweeping snow off of the VW Bug. Even back then, C’villians were trendy. Imagine that.

  3. Trvlman, that color photo was taken at Rock Hill Academy, the lower campus on Westfield Rd. I am pretty sure I was in that pic. I think I was Santa, I’ll have to look at my copy. That play was done around the mid 70’s. Rip did take alot of photos for Rock Hill. But yes, out of place with all those B&W photos.

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