3 thoughts on “Google Maps Providing CTS Routes”

  1. Cool! And a good explanation of why public transit isn’t used more. From my house to the downtown mall:
    By CTS: 59 minutes
    By car: 8 minutes
    Walking: 40 minutes

    Granted the 59 minutes by bus includes walking all the way to high street, ignoring the bus stop 3 blocks from my house. Maybe all the data isn’t in yet.

    On a related note, what’s with CTS’s Real-Time Bus Information Site? IE with the Adobe SVG plugin? Why can’t I look at the SVG file with Firefox’s native SVG rendering?

  2. Yep. It’s generally faster and more convenient for me to walk than take the bus. The timing is more reliable, too, despite the pitfalls of uneven sidewalks and man-eating hedges.

    I like the little cost comparison feature. That’s nifty. My daily corner jaunt: 75¢ to ride the bus, 59¢ to drive (plus parking meter change, if need be). I usually walk. And my bus cost would be closer to 60¢ because I buy bus tickets in advance.

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