Google Maps Providing CTS Routes

Google Maps now provides CTS routes, complete with fare prices and scheduling. This is so cool!  #

3 Responses to “Google Maps Providing CTS Routes”

  • Cool! And a good explanation of why public transit isn’t used more. From my house to the downtown mall:
    By CTS: 59 minutes
    By car: 8 minutes
    Walking: 40 minutes

    Granted the 59 minutes by bus includes walking all the way to high street, ignoring the bus stop 3 blocks from my house. Maybe all the data isn’t in yet.

    On a related note, what’s with CTS’s Real-Time Bus Information Site? IE with the Adobe SVG plugin? Why can’t I look at the SVG file with Firefox’s native SVG rendering?

  • Try it with your mobile phone.

  • Yep. It’s generally faster and more convenient for me to walk than take the bus. The timing is more reliable, too, despite the pitfalls of uneven sidewalks and man-eating hedges.

    I like the little cost comparison feature. That’s nifty. My daily corner jaunt: 75¢ to ride the bus, 59¢ to drive (plus parking meter change, if need be). I usually walk. And my bus cost would be closer to 60¢ because I buy bus tickets in advance.

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