Calculating Cost of Housing in the Face of Students

In today’s Progress, Rachana Dixit explores the difficulties of calculating the cost of housing in a college town. Looking at the raw numbers, about half of the city is spending more than a third of their income on housing, which is trouble. Except for students, for whom that’s a reasonable thing to do for a few years. Knowing how much people are paying for housing is important, because it’s a key method of determining the fiscal health of the population and the appropriateness of our housing stock. It’s good that we all see the problem of these data—now we’ve got to solve it.

6 Responses to “Calculating Cost of Housing in the Face of Students”

  • “It’s good that we all see the problem of these data—now we’ve got to solve it.” What does this mean?

  • as a student, I shall say more than 1/3 of income is spent on housing.

  • Wow – half spend more than the mean. Does the other half spend less than the mean? That would make us about – wait for it – average. BFD.

  • One third isn’t the mean, it’s the recommended limit.

  • Still seems like a reach for a story. Maybe I’m wrong. Rents are outrageous. To me anyway.

  • What is the fetish lately with declaring that a news story isn’t a story?

    This is quite an interesting set of information in my opinion. Housing costs are a significant issue everywhere and especially here in Charlottesville. An article about how its hard to figure out exactly what housings costs are for citizens in part because of the student population seems pretty much on point.

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