Rental Foreclosure

This renter happened to notice in the paper that her house was being foreclosed on, a fact that her landlord failed to mention to her. Her landlord? A RE/MAX agent.  #

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  • I guess she’ll be sending her rent checks to the bank.

  • I’ve seen variations of this story a dozen times over this year in newspapers in other parts of the country where the housing bubble collapsed much faster than it has here in Cville. Renters sign a lease, move in and pay rent, meanwhile the landlord pockets the rent but doesn’t keep current with the mortgage, allowing the property to fall into foreclosure. Then the renter discovers this the day the bank shows up with the eviction notice.

    It seems to me like fraud.

  • You know, you’re right—”fraud” really is the word for that. That’s just the frame I’d been searching for.

  • Is it fraud that the landlord is also losing his home at the same time? Be careful who you accuse of fraud.

  • Fraud is deceit for personal gain. In failing to mention to his tenant that her home was being foreclosed upon, he continued to collect rent from her rather than inform her and allow her to find a new place to live. That is deception for personal gain, ergo, it’s fraud. Whether that rises to the legal definition of fraud, I can’t say—I’m not an attorney.

  • There are a huge amount of commentary at the link provided. I agree with Waldo’s comment.

  • It’s fraud, plain and simple. This has happened to my family twice. I’m blogging about it at and I think I’m gonna take the last landlord to court. Something has to be done about this!

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