Perriello Certified; Goode Requests Recount

Tom Perriello has been certified as the winner in the 5th CD election, Brian McNeill reports for the Daily Progress, with a lead of 745 votes. Rep. Virgil Goode is challenging the outcome, and understandably enough. It’s being called a “recount,” but no actual recounting takes place. It’s more of a re-canvas, making sure that the total number of votes on each machine matches the recorded total, and that those add up to the recorded total for the precinct. The numbers will change a little, maybe by a few dozen votes, but the odds of Goode gaining 746 votes are slim-to-none. Perriello is proceeding with his transition, planning to start his new job as Rep. Tom Perriello (D-VA) come January.

5 thoughts on “Perriello Certified; Goode Requests Recount”

  1. Surprised….not. Bush # 2 revisited. Its hard when Goode can’t release his white knuckle grip on a position he assumed would be his until he took his last breath. In the end, out he goes and this will be Goode for all!

  2. Goode sowed the seeds for his eventual undoing when he switched from Democrat to Republican. Wasn’t that in the wake of Bill Clinton’s impeachment scandal? At any rate, it’s irresponsible to tell an economically depressed region to vote on the issues now trumpeted by Fox News instead of the residents’ best long-term interests. Martinsville–which has been voting blue for a while now–seems to have gotten the picture before most everyone else in VA-5. But then Martinsville was the first to have its head underwater.

  3. I think Goode was also hurt by not realizing quickly enough that he could actually lose this election. I don’t think it really dawned on Perriello, either, until the last couple of weeks of the election.

  4. If this isn’t settled by the time the new Congress comes in, who will take the seat? Tom or Virgil?

  5. Periello will take the seat, Jan. Right now, he’s won the election. The recount will be done and if enough votes are found to have been in error, not counted, etc. then the results could change but unless that happens then Periello is the winner and will proceed with the normal course of assuming the seat in congress. He’s already attended at least one orientation for new members.

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