Jail Funding Cut

The already-funding-starved jail has to cut $500k from their budget, and it’s hurting.  #

2 Responses to “Jail Funding Cut”

  • The first way I know to save money is to eliminate the 15 minute showers for inmates. Why do they get 15 minute showers when the general population, me and you are told to take 5 minute showers to conserve water.
    Cut out the purchase of a new fleet of cars. Eliminate transporting prisioners to and from the courts for hearings, pleas, etc., etc. use teleconferencing.
    The list goes on. The jail needs a good manager, someone to examine expenditures and make sure they are justifiable. There is no fiscal management at the jail at this time, only out of control spending.

  • Inmates are traditionally among the first to lose in tight times. Deservedly so.

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