7 thoughts on “B&N Looking to Move into Goody’s”

  1. I guess the deal with Albemarle Place fell through…maybe that says something about the Albemarle Place project overall, which was supposedly back on when I talked to a developer a few months ago.

  2. There are, by my count, 6 bookstores downtown already. Who needs a Barnes&Noble?

    If they do move in, let’s hope they suffer the same fate as the Baskin&Robbins location on the Mall in the late 90’s. I’m always glad to see local businesses defeating a chain store, rather than the other way around.

  3. I’m a big fan of shopping at locally owned business, and I guess I share your sentiments, but you’re not a very observant cultural critic jf. Barnes and Noble has been in Barracks Road Shopping Center for years. They’ve been pretty successful so far. That’s probably why they are trying to expand wouldn’t you think? You also don’t seem to have a very good grasp of what’s going on downtown if you didn’t notice that Goody’s wasn’t there in the first place.

  4. Oh from their perspective, I’m sure a new location makes sense… but from MY perspective, their business unwanted and unwelcome.

    And who says I hadn’t noticed Goody’s was gone? I’m quite aware that they shut down two years ago, and that space is currently the Obama campaign headquarters — I usually walk past it at least four times a day.

  5. Uh…James… we’re not talking about the downtown mall here, we’re talking about Barracks Road Shopping Center. You’re thinking of A&N. That’s where the Obama HQ is located. If you walked past the old Goodies four times a day, you’ll probably get run over by a SUV.

  6. Sean, I think james was either confused by or missed the part that read:

    “Barnes & Noble is looking to move into the old Goody’s space in Barracks Road”

    That’s a huge amount of reading to do, so it’s perfectly understandable that he would have skipped over parts of that in his haste to make an insightful comment.

  7. You’re all right. I completely mixed up Goody’s and A&N… and the “Barracks Road” part got skimmed over by my brain b/c I already associate B&N w/ Barracks.

    So Barnes&Noble is thinking of moving down about a block? Makes no difference to me.

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