Younger 64 Shooter Sentenced

In The Hook, Lisa Provence provides the first description of what happened the night of the 64 shootings. The 16-year-old—the accomplice in the case—was spending the night at 19-year-old Slade Woodson’s house. It was the first time his parents let him stay over at a friend’s house. It was also the first time he ever had alcohol. Woodson split a case of beer with him, and the boy had 8-10 beers in under four hours. The two headed out for a ride, Woodson turned out to have a gun in his vehicle, and that was when they started shooting. The next morning, back at home, the boy realized what he’d done, and immediately set about figuring out how to turn himself in. Prosecutor Darby Lowe praised the boy for his immediate and complete cooperation in the case. He’ll spend six months in the local juvenile detention center, and then be monitored electronically and pay $12k in restitution to his victims.

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