Younger 64 Shooter Sentenced

In The Hook, Lisa Provence provides the first description of what happened the night of the 64 shootings. The 16-year-old—the accomplice in the case—was spending the night at 19-year-old Slade Woodson’s house. It was the first time his parents let him stay over at a friend’s house. It was also the first time he ever had alcohol. Woodson split a case of beer with him, and the boy had 8-10 beers in under four hours. The two headed out for a ride, Woodson turned out to have a gun in his vehicle, and that was when they started shooting. The next morning, back at home, the boy realized what he’d done, and immediately set about figuring out how to turn himself in. Prosecutor Darby Lowe praised the boy for his immediate and complete cooperation in the case. He’ll spend six months in the local juvenile detention center, and then be monitored electronically and pay $12k in restitution to his victims.

15 thoughts on “Younger 64 Shooter Sentenced”

  1. Don’t make your kids wait til they’re sixteen to start sleeping over at friends’ houses. Or drinking alcohol.

  2. Also, don’t let your children hang out with someone named Slade.
    Jeez, and to think the first time I got drunk, I just passed out. I’m a whuss!
    Does anyone else think it’s weird that a 19 year old was hanging out with a 16 year old?

  3. Slade’s middle name isn’t ‘Wayne,’ is it? Because that’s the kiss of death right there.

    I think this is a pretty good, fair sentence. It’ll put the fear of God in this kid, but still give him the opportunity to become a healthy, productive citizen.

  4. I am disappointed and feel he should have received a stronger punishment. But at least something was done.

  5. His parents will pay the 12k and after a couple more years or so, he will be back in trouble. That’s the reality of it..JC

  6. Sounds a lot better for him than having someone who wants to cut your N–‘S off. Whew!

  7. His parents will pay the 12k and after a couple more years or so, he will be back in trouble.

    According to the article, the money must be garnisheed from his wages.

  8. Lisa & JC…

    We know the kid turned himself in. That shows an obvious sense of responsibility.

    I wonder… one of you thinks he’ll be in trouble again and the other thinks 6 months is not enough time.

    On what do you base those assumptions? Also, what is enough time? Should we lock him up for life, or is 24 or 12 months of learning hotwiring and B&E from his fellow prisoners better than six? What good could possibly come from locking this kid up longer? If he is turning himself in, he is showing that he is willing to take responsibility for what he did. That is someone who is not beyond redemption. Let him pay the consequences and then get on with his life.

    And besides, do you remember the first time you got wasted? Yeah, I thought so.

  9. I agree with JC Clark. On the face of it, something is severely wrong with someone who gets drunk and ride around shooting. If not, this town would be shot up every week. Time will tell.

  10. He had 8-10 beers, on his first time drinking, at age 16? That kid must be HUGE if he was still able to walk. The first time I had 8 beers (also around age 16), I passed out more or less immediately and woke up shirtless under a piano.

  11. Waldo, the hearing ended after 8 pm, how did the Hook have the story at 6:17 PM. Wow, they are better than I thought

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