Prospecting for Gold

Gold in the pan

By Patti. (CC)

There’s gold in these here hills. Steven Kurutz has a travel piece in today’s New York Times about prospecting for gold in Central Virginia, looking specifically at at meeting of the Central Virginia Gold Prospectors club in Dillwyn. Its members, who come from all around the northeast, get together every few weeks to pan for gold in what used to be gold belt running clear down to Alabama. Their members get access to the group’s claims, where they find gold dust, flakes, and the odd tiny nugget. Interest is sufficient to sustain a prospecting supplies shop in Dillwyn.

4 thoughts on “Prospecting for Gold”

  1. It sounds quaint, but predict posters to this topic will rail against possible adverse environmental impact of panning for gold in VA streams. These waters are under enough stress as it is, right?

  2. Off topic: Steve Kurutz is a cool dude and has a book out about a couple of Rolling Stones cover bands, called Like a Rolling Stone.

    Local content: Both of the bands he writes about play pretty regularly at frat houses throughout the South, so some of you may have seen them.

  3. Not far away, in a county called “Goochland” they have a gathering called “Field Days of the Past” and last year there was a booth where kids could pan. I bought a pan but haven’t used it yet. This post reminded me that I should go dust it off…

    The Tramp

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