Don’t Call 911 About the Smoke

Don’t sweat the smoke that’s hanging in the air around town–it’s from a big ol’ wildfire down in NC. I was in NC earlier this week and, believe me, things could be a lot worse here.  #

1 Response to “Don’t Call 911 About the Smoke”

  • That fire in NC is from a long history of fire suppression of an area that used to burn almost on a yearly basis. the coastal area from Virginia all the way to florida was once long leaf pine forest, a fire dependant ecosystem. Now we’ve let fuel loads build up for years without controlled burns and Nature is taking her due payment.

    Many plants like the Venus Flytrap, (located only in coastal North and South Carolina) depend on fire to survive. What seems like a tragedy to us, is a blessing for this species and other endangered plants and animals.

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