Mac McDonald Quits

McDonaldMac McDonald has quit his gig as the radio announcer for the Cavaliers, effective yesterday, NBC 29 reports. It seems like it was just yesterday that he came back from last time he quit — he left the job in 1985, returning in 1996. The football and basketball announcer says he wants to “pursue other opportunities.” He’s long been billed as “the voice of the Cavaliers,” a clever form of job insurance that presumably leaves CBS Collegiate Sports Properties in a tight spot. For more information, see the company’s press release.

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  1. The last guy was the Voice and the next guy will be the Voice. No big deal there. What is most curious about this story is the following Mac quote from the Prog:
    “While everybody thinks it was a firing, it was a resignation by mutual consent. I gave my resignation and the university accepted it. Was there some kind of friction? No. I don’t think that anything I did rubbed people the wrong way.”
    And later in the article, he basically begged the sponsors of his golf tournament to keep his name on it. Strange.

  2. Much as I really liked listening to UVa sports on WINA, I will not be sorry to see the end of Mac – I got VERY tired of his constant shilling for George Allen. I wish he’d have just gotten on with it and fellated Allen, off-mike, so we wouldn’t have to listen to any of it anymore. Sonny, Sam and Frank suffered a bit from the same syndrome.

    This strikes me as kind of abrupt, but it’s also the end of the school year, so presumably it was time to (re?)negotiate his contract for next year. Last time it was his gambling on games that was at issue; one wonders what he got up to this time while thinking he was the only “Voice”. Perhaps they just didn’t see eye-to-eye on the money.

  3. “Rubbed people the wrong way”

    Why mention that as a possible problem area?


  4. You can be sure there was some kind of falling out with UVA and I’m sure because of some type of contractual agreement or $ he’s been gagged and not allowed to talk about it. It was too abrupt. The story came out on the 29th, which is the day his resignation was effective.

    Doesn’t pass the smell test. Compare it with Bob Gibson’s resignation-way in advance, lots of stories and blogging and letters. Everyone was happy for Bob. I don’t see any of this in Mac’s resignation.


  5. I don’t feel sorry for people like this one bit. Who I do feel sorry for is the guy making maybe 30K supporting a family and then getting laid off. I also think all fat and overpaid coaches should be on straight commission and are paid only when they win. Macs lifestyle will not change one bit..JC

  6. Last time he left there were allegations of big gambling debts, and that he was run out of town by the Charlottesville hillbilly mob. I wonder if the same is true this time?

  7. Boogity, boogity, boogity….let’s go racin’ boys….I’ve only heard Mac while searching for MRN….

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