5 thoughts on “Local Beer Makes Good”

  1. oh noes! what will the trendies drink now to let other people know that they’re hip to the local scene???

  2. Why do people buy Starr Hill’s beer? It’s way overpriced for what it is, which is uninspired swill made with humdrum ingredients. The amber is ok on draft. But $7.50 or $8 for a 6 pack of their dull lager is outrageous. For that money you can get a pack of Rogue’s Dead Guy ale, or Sierra Nevada or any one of a million other excellent beers for the same money. And those are beers that are shipped from across the country, adding to the expense. Starr Hill hardly has to be shipped at all in comparison, yet it’s priced as if it came from the moon.

    Shoot, you can still get a 6 pack of Saranac for around $6. Not the most interesting beers of all the microbreweries, but for the money it can’t be beat. Good ingredients and they aren’t stingy with the hops. Their pale ale in particular is exemplary.

    Starr Hill is beer made for people who want to seem like they know what good beer is but really don’t have a clue.

  3. I hope they do well, because they’re local, but I have to agree with Jack.
    Any number of microbrews can kick Starr Hill all over the place.

  4. I liked their bottled beer when it was being produced at the Dominion brewery. Before I learned that they had established their own brewery I had already noticed that the quality and consistency had fallen off. So they are pulling a Red Hook now. Dominion Lager (or just about anything else) for the win!

  5. Morgan,

    Nice to hear I’m not the only one who noticed the demise of Red Hook. I cannot drink that crap without gagging. 5 years ago it was a great beer at a great price. Usually $6.50 for a 6 pack. Then one of the mega-breweries bought a controlling share in them and now it’s all adjuncty crap that goes for a dollar or 2 more than it did before it sucked.

    I mean, you have to be some kind of moron to screw up an IPA. A bunch of 2 row pale malt, a bit of 20L or 40L crystal malt and then throw all of the cascades hops at it that you possibly can. It’s the biggest no-brainer in the beer-making world. Yet somehow, Redhook managed to screw that up with their ‘Longhammer’ offering.

    If you want local beer in bottles, Dominion is the way to go. Sometimes you can find Legend (from Richmond) in bottles around Charlottesville as well. Good stuff when you can get it. On tap, South Street Brewery downtown stands shoulder to shoulder with any other craft brewery in America. Which is saying a lot, since America is basically the craft beer capital of the world at this point.

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