No City Customer Care Director

Council has decided not to spend $100k on a city customer care director.  #

1 Response to “No City Customer Care Director”

  • Cville Eye says:

    The original discussion led me to believe that the Customer Care position would be the assignment of one of the two new assistant city managers to be hired, i.e. the assistant’s job had been re-defined. It now appears that Gary O’Connell is saying that he was proposing that position (with an eventual staff of 10) was in addition to two new assistant city managers. If Mr. Watts is the Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer (he’s listed as COO/CFO in the background material in the Council’s agenda, what does Mr. O’Connell do? What will these new managers do that the department heads do not do now? Mr. Taliaferro campaigned on reducing the staff in the City Manager’s Office. Let’s see if supports these latest hires.

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