7 thoughts on “BoS Cutting Emissions”

  1. Here’s a simple way we could cut greenhouse gasses significantly in Albemarle/Charlottesville: Expand wireless and highspeed coverage, and create incentive for UVa to allow more of its workforce to work from home.

    After all, the whole neighborhood model is built around this concept that people should live near where they work. Why not allow them to live AT work? It’d be less cars on the road, less carbon used, and more parking for those people that really need it. If a small town like Blacksburg can provide free wireless for the whole town then I think at the very least we could use our weight to put pressure on providers to make high speed internet available and affordable to everyone.

  2. If they cut out all of the hot air on “non stories” that would reduce it by 20%.
    I suspect most people’s homes are not conducive to working at home; however, I agree that a wiser use of technology could reduce energy consuption. I find it interesting how little City Hall has embraced video-conferencing to cut down on transportation costs.

  3. Re-read it. Reduce by 80%? Isn’t this just something to stop citizens from taking up time at the board meetings “activating” for gloabal warming, climate change causes?

  4. actually usually localities who join cool counties end up setting an interim target that is much more measurable, which is probably what the county will do. this is just a statement from the board saying they support this overall movement, which is good.

    this is a good thing people… quit being so cynical :>

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