9 thoughts on “Recycling Survey”

  1. I started filling out the survey, but I don’t know what a Materials Utilization Center is, or a Convenience Center. Which of these is the McIntire recycling center? Is it either of those? *sigh*

  2. Tim,

    The tip-off for figuring out what the MUC is that they call it the IVY Materials Utilization Center–that tells you they mean the Ivy Landfill. Once I figured that out, I proceeded with the survey. I agree they could have made it more clear, though.

  3. I couldn’t get the survey to work. After the first few screens, the buttons stopped showing up on the multiple choices, and I couldn’t proceed. Anyone else have this problem?

  4. No, but after two screens of the survey, I noticed that my Windows Desktop had been changed with an overlay picture and some kind of wrriting in capital letters. I found out changes had been made to my system by some little bug. I’m avoiding that site, although I really wanted to view the November 15 meeting. I’ll try to catch the TV version.

  5. I may have gotten it from rivanna.org itself. I only noticed the change in my desktop after I closed the browser. I would like to see the broadcast that seems to be chock full of information before I fill out the survey. Maybe they will put the video on MySpace or somewhere.

  6. These types of surveys and forums sponsored by bureaucrats are usually for the public to create a wish list of new services so the “public servants” can appear to justify expansion and more tax payer money. Witness the parks and recreation “study.” In this case, the proposal is to start charging for curbside recycling pick up in the City. If they do, I’ll just start throwing my recycling away roadside and in the woods behind my house and in some creeks just to be defiant. I just might start dumping some in the Rivanna because it will be hard to trace since it’s not near my home and will not have my fingerprints on it. The original idea behind the City’s trash stickers was to encourage people to recycle, now, they are proposing to charge for both. What does our tax money pay for these days? Just Art in Place and local welfare programs? By the way, is there still no recycling at the City’s subsidized housing sites?

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