Man Confesses to McGowan Murder

Michael Stuart Pritchett has confessed his role in the murder of Jayne Warren McGowan, Kate Harmon and Rob Seal report in today’s Daily Progress. The eighteen year old says that he and his cousin, William Douglas Gentry, intended to rob somebody. They selected her house (for reasons not yet disclosed), knocked on her door, and entered when she opened the door. Based on the Progress’ depiction, it sounds like they immediately killed her, with each of the two men using a handgun of their own. They then robbed the home and stole her car. The two were arrested just a week ago, and McGowan was killed just ten days ago, so there’s a great deal more information yet to come out.

4 thoughts on “Man Confesses to McGowan Murder”

  1. It takes an adept detective to intice someone to confess to capital murder. Good job! We tend, including myself, to go off when the cops err, but we DO have quite a few that actually know what to do, the badge happy little whippersnappers not withstanding.

  2. BTW,we need to keep some of these good ones also. Some of late have gone to fed jobs such as the DEA, etc. The City really does need to keep the young and talented, or else they will all be of less than acceptable quality. Charlottesville elitists tend to think a lot of themselves, but also tend to take it’s teachers AND emergency workers for granted…and they are bleeding those folks to better jobs every year.

  3. Jogger, I agree.
    Jeeperman, you really are pro-cop, aren’t you? Up one side and down the other! Ninth grade kids could have gotten a confession out of these morons. Just like somebody said on The Hook, all you have to do is put them in seperate rooms and tell each that the other just confessed. Both will spill their guts trying to find out how much blame one put on the other.

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