Election Day: Go Vote!

It’s election day, and everybody’s got at least a few votes to cast. The polls are open until 7pm, so make sure you vote before then. If you vote in the East Ivy or University Hall precincts, remember that The Police concert is tonight, so you really want to vote before 5:30, if possible. Vote for Democrats, vote for Republicans, vote for independents or vote for the one Libertarian, but please do be sure to vote. And take a friend with you to make sure he votes, too.

How are things looking at your polling place? Is everything being done fairly? Spotted anything sketchy? How about y’all volunteering at the polls — do you have any sense of what the outcome will be tonight? Does anybody want to forecast the outcomes?

For the record, lest I later claim to the contrary, I have no sense at all of who is going to win any of these races. Which is a great sign — if these contests are all competitive, that’s good news for us all, no matter the winners.

2:15pm Update: Here’s a sample ballot for city voters, and per-precinct sample ballots for county voters. This way you’ll know in advance all of the choices you’ll need to make. You can look up your precinct if you’re not sure which precinct you’re in.

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