Camblos Indicts Political Opponent on Election Eve

I’ve described commonwealth’s attorney Jim Camblos as a bully, and he proved it this evening: Camblos has charged political opponent Debbie Wyatt with violating the Magna Carta. Seriously. As Rob Seal and Bob Gibson write, there’s a rarely-used common-law charge known as “embracery,” and Camblos says that the prominent local attorney committed it by offering to a grand jury to take the stand to testify for a client. But there’s no crime in Wyatt’s alleged deed. It’s not embracery without “corrupt intent” — that is, a plan to bribe a juror.

Wyatt, preparing to retire, has become a vocal opponent of Camblos’ in the past few months. For more on Wyatt’s remarkable career, see Meg McEvoy’s 2006 profile of her.

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