Spam Filtering Enabled

I’m getting overwhelmed by blog spam, so I’ve enabled the Akismet filter. The catch is that it gets some false positives. If your comment fails to appear, don’t take it personally — just e-mail me and I’ll rescue it from the bit bucket.

2 thoughts on “Spam Filtering Enabled”

  1. Yeah, I’ve seen a three-fold increase in the quantity of blogspam getting past *Akismet* in the last month or so. It has tapered off, presumably as Akismet adapts.

    It has been paralleled by an increase in email spam that gets past Gmail.

  2. I’m sorely tempted to just move to a knowledge CAPTCHA (is there a better term for it?), such as “The most famous president from Charlottesville is _______ Jefferson,” and have people fill in “Thomas.” On the one hand, it’d be annoying to do that with every post. On the other hand, it’s even more annoying for people having to wait hours or days for me to approve their comment.

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