Whom Do You Endorse?

I want to open up the floor to endorsements for Tuesday’s election. Tell us who you support, who you oppose, and — this is the important bit — why. Persuade us to vote for your guy. Bonus points will be awarded for those who can stick to the positive attributes of their candidate of choice, rather than the downsides of the opposition (admittedly not always a strong suit for me). If you’re involved with any of the candidates’ campaigns, say so, and tell us what moved you to work for that candidate.

Unsurprisingly, I’ll be voting for Democrats here in Albemarle. I liked Larry Claytor when he was a Republican running for sheriff, and I like him just as much now that he’s switched teams. He’s like Andy Griffith — a hard-working boy scout — and a perfect match for the Albemarle sheriff’s office. Honestly, I don’t know the first thing about clerk of court, so I’m likely to just vote for Debbie Shipp because she’s got a “D” next to her name. And commonwealth’s attorney…don’t get me started. I’ll have a special day-before blog entry to remind everybody that, every time they cast a vote for Jim Camblos, God kills a kitten. I’m in Rivanna and represented by Republican first-term incumbent Ken Boyd. He and I disagree utterly on all matters of land use and development, which I see as the most important issue for the BoS these days, while Democratic challenger Marcia Joseph‘s positions make far more sense to me. (Disclosure: I’ve contributed to the campaigns of Claytor, Joseph, and Lunsford and provided some advice to Claytor and Joseph’s campaigns. The latter may or may not actually qualify as helpful.)

I can’t vote in the city, and I’m glad, because I’d hate to have to pick. Peter Kleeman is an old, dear friend, and he’s precisely the sort of guy who we need on council: honest, inquisitive, awfully nice, and an absolute genius. He’s not running as a Democrat, but I don’t care. Holly Edwards, too, is just a wonderful human being who I’d have to vote for. The toss-up would be between David Brown and Satyendra Huja.

Sadly, I’m not in the 59th house district (Albemarle south of the city) because, if I was, I could vote for Connie Brennan. Connie’s another old, dear friend, and she’s challenging 21-year incumbent Watkins Abbitt, who has no record to speak of. (Disclosure: I’ve contributed to Connie’s campaign.)

Your turn: who do you support and why?

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  1. Unfortunately, part of my decision making has been process of elimination — who’s left after I cross out those not getting my vote.

  2. Claytor for Sheriff

    Knows the County’s culture, knows the tension that has existed between the Sheriff’s Office and the Police Department since the formation of the Police Department (he was there at the beginning). Claytor can foster better communication and coordination between the two departments and all the fire and rescue departments in the County. And he has already done it, lead a big multi-department operation last winter where he involved the Sheriff’s Office. Also important to consider, his opponent is backed by some of the folks who created a lot of that tension in the first place, Terry Hawkins and his crew, Ed Robb, don’t get me started on Ed Robb, my lord. Claytor will get the Sheriff’s Office on its feet again. Also, no one can say that he doesn’t stand up for what he thinks is right, and takes risks doing so; look at the leadership role he took in pushing back against the city on this rescue squad boondoggle–certainly catching the ire of a couple of City Democrats.

    Lunsford for CA.

    Smart, tough, competent, and thorough just like her literature says. She’s up to date on all the modern advances in human behavior science (cant say that about her opponent), and I really really like the fact that she is promising to focus on victim’s rights. Also, I think that her experience as a defense attorney completely prepares her for the job, she will know what the other side is thinking and planning. And more importantly, we can put all of Jim Camblos’s faults aside (right, we are being positive, though I suppose I crossed that line a little bit above), but come on the President of the United States has a term limit, 16 years!? Time for a Change! Fresh blood.

    Shipp for Clerk of the Court.

    She has been a deputy clerk, from what I hear the current Clerk is tacitly backing her, 30 some odd years of experance in the office. She’s good to go. What the other guy runs a scuba shop and the other what, whats he do except put his signs in every nook and craney?

    Ann Mallek for White Hall

    Took me a while to come around to her, I mean I have always liked and respected her, but I certainly disagree with her on some things; but she listens, and I really like her focus on building consensuses in the community for what she thinks needs to be done. I hope that if she wins that she will reach out to her opponents. I also like her focus on making the county government more open and user friendly. There is some county staff that is great, and there are some who are less so. A lot of times it can feel like they are being oblique on purpose, I hope to see that change.

  3. It isn’t “pick three” for council and “pick four” for school board: it should be “pick UP TO three” and “pick UP TO four”. You’re right, Waldo, PETER KLEEMAN is the candidate we absolutely need to have on council and he’s the only candidate I plan to vote for. As for school board, I don’t think we should vote on those positions at all and I plan (again) to abstain entirely from voting for anyone. I absolutely plan to spend my votes in a frugal and concise way and encourage everyone else to do so as well.

  4. For School Board, abstain at your peril!

    Kathy Galvin
    Colette Blount
    Llezelle Dugger
    Sean McCord

  5. I cannot vote in the city, but I have to say I like what I have heard from Holly Edwards.

    I like her health proposal and I like her comments on if public transportation should be free or not. She said no, and that the folks she knows who uses it don’t mind paying, but that they desperately need more of it; more routs, better times. Of course this will all cost money, and how can you expanded it if you are giving away what you already have!?

    I like those sorts of reality checks to fancy liberal or conservative notions.

    I also like Peter Kleeman, but I did not like his answer on that question.

    David Brown gets thumbs down in my book; he rolled for Taliaferro and Werner on this rescue squad fiasco.

    He was also very, very rude and condescending at the big IMPACT meeting on affordable housing and public transportation. Lets just say he pissed off a lot of folks there; and they are Christian activists, they should be prone to forgiveness!

  6. This one was a no brainer for me or for any Crozet resident for that matter. The vote this year will go for Ann Mallek.
    Why the vote, just look at the score board.
    Master Planning – Grade F – supported a lie and continued to vote on that lie despite a petition signed by over 1,000 people in Crozet. Never bothered to ask the man who developed the master plan what population the plan was based on.

    Taxes – Grade F – According to his own radio ad taxes are up by 10% over the past 6 years. He voted on 4 of those budgets, so using his own math he raised taxes 40%. Now touts himself as a tax cutter, And you know he has no idea of how to pay of the 12,000 homes coming down the pike. Ms. Mallek supports getting adequate proffers from deveopers. In Old Trail Wyant voted for a rezoning where million dollar homes paid only 2,000 dollars per home in proffers.

    Roads – Grade F – Knowing that the government in Richmond was in gridlock over road funding and the fact road funding was going to be reduced, Wyant, Dorrier and Boyd, boldly continued to vote for one major development after another, never tying development to the ability to provide the additional funding needed for roads. Their new plan is based on the theory that if the State has no money for roads, we’ll just place the additional financial burden on the residents of Albemarle and let them pay.

    Water – Grade F – A 50 year plan and not a drop to drink. Why wasn’t growth tied to the availability of water. No answer on how we’re going to pay the 142 million either.

    Integrity – Grade F – major funding coming from development interests. Lied last campaign about the master plan and this time about Ms. Mallek raising taxes 30 %.

    Like a said, a no brainer.

  7. Does anyone know where to find GOOD information for the county school board at large candidates? I’ve looked, but haven’t found much of anything beyond Brian Wheeler.

  8. City. I will vote for the 2 independents,Kleeman and Haskins, and thats it. School Board: Blount,Galvin, Meynig,and still undecided between McCord and Brownrigg. Definitely NOT Edwards.Our city govt needs new blood(also my reason for my Council vote), and there is still the lingering matter of the Spivey case,whether the school system looked the other way.
    If I lived in the county, I’d vote against all the incumbents. For sheriff would go with Claytor. What is the demonstrable need for all the new things Harding wants the Sheriff’s’ office to do, and where will the money come from?

  9. I totally forgot to write about the city and county school board elections in this blog entry, so I’m glad to see folks making some endorsements there. I haven’t been following them, so I can only say that I’m friends with Llezelle Dugger and Sean McCord and would be very happy to see them on the C’ville school board, and that there ain’t no way I’d vote for Alvin Edwards.

  10. The Albemarle County election for the at-large School board member is important to about 11,000 students and their families and yet, information/debate seems very limited. Why is this?? Not to take anything away from Charlottesville but that school system seems to get more than it’s fair share of attention in the media though it enrolls far fewer students.

  11. I would say vote for Brian Wheeler for the simple fact that the man must exist in multiple dimensions. I have no idea how he accomplishes all that he does!

    But I do not know anything about the other guy.

  12. I would probably feel comfortable voting for Brian Wheeler for the reasons you mentioned, JS, but, even as much as a Democratic party hack I am, I am reticent to vote for anyone if I haven’t examined all the options.

  13. Clerk of Court: Alan Van Clief

    How did this ever get to be a partisan position? Since I know so little about each candidate, I’m tempted to vote for Shipp b/c of her unrivaled experience, but on the strength of his ad stating that political affiliations have no place in the clerk’s office I’m going with Van Clief.

    Sherriff: Larry Claytor

    Officer Claytor asked for my vote and I gave it to him. Although I’m impressed with Harding’s endorsements from the last three Sherriffs of Albemarle, I see no reason to go back on my word. Both candidates are solid guys either of whom we’d be lucky to have as Sheriff, which is, by the way, just a really cool job to have. Who wouldn’t wanna be the boss, carry a gun, and get called “Sherriff” all day long? That said, they gotta do something about those brown on brown uniforms. I realize it’s traditional, but, come on. Maybe the City Council and School Board people going to Tuscany can consult with Oscar de la Renta or Donatella Versace on a new look for the Sherriff’s Office. Hey, it’d be just as worthy a justification for the trip as what they’ve offered us so far.

    Commonwealth’s Attorney: Denise Lunsford

    It’s time for a change. Although I’m a lot more willing than some others to give Camblos the benefit of the doubt on some of his questionable calls, the comments from the father of one of the kids that was incarcerated for the school shooting hoax sealed it for me. The evidence boiled down to loose talk, BB guns, and Roman candles. Throw in pilfering the old man’s whiskey and I’d be serving consecutive life sentences for the “crimes” of my salad says.

    Board of Supervisors: Boyd, Wyant, and Dorrier

    Bi-partisan to the last. If any of the thses three incumbents who have served the county with distinction loses, it will be a catastrophe for Albemarle without precedent but comparable to the worst days of the Great Depression. Property values will plummet as the rights of landowners are stripped away, and taxes will skyrocket as one big-government boondoggle after another is foisted upon a hapless citizenry.

    Right now, only the three incumbents stand athwart the tax-and-spend schemes of a power-hungry elite eager to do the bidding of their overzealous allies on the Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC). Make no mistake: A vote against Boyd, Wyant, or Dorrier is a vote for allowing the PEC to shape county policy at the expense of taxpaying citizens. If you liked the forest fires in California born from well-meaning but myopic policy dictated by environmentalists, you’ll love what the Bos with Mallek, Fletcher, or Joseph on it has to offer.

  14. When I applied for my concealed weapon permit at the Court House a few months ago, Debbie Shipp was extremely helpful. She even got my permit processed about a week before it was due. Every item of business I’ve ever had to get done with the help of the County’s Clerk of the Court has gone smoothly, thanks to her help. She’s been working in that office for something over 20 years and knows exactly how to do the job right.

    So I’m voting for and endorsing Debbie Shipp for Clerk of the Court in Albemarle County.

    It is a complicated, confusing job. Not like just showing up in a legislature and voting. There is a lot to learn and understand in order to do that job right and it takes a long time to learn it. As the current Deputy Clerk of the Court, Debbie Shipp already knows how to do the job. There’s no sense in voting in some lawyer with stars in his eyes just so we can tap our fingers for the next year while he learns on the job.

  15. In regards to the County School Board race, I have seen very little from the challenger. Granted, I don’t listen to WINA’s morning show anymore, and read the Daily Progress online, but I did receive this disappointing email endorsement from the Albemarle Republicans in support of Patrick Wood.

    Patrick’s opponent is a professional internet blogger (he runs a liberal website for a living). In sharp contrast, Patrick is a school teacher, who spends his professional life in the classroom, where it counts!

    Brian Wheeler has done so much to bring transparency to local politics, to involve parents in the conversation through his School Matters listserv and School Matters blog.

    The endorsement of the Albemarle teachers endorsed him.

    Local politics should be non-partisan, Brian walks the walk and deserves another four years. Anyone – parents of kids in the schools or not – should read his blog to get non-biased information about what is happening in the Albemarle School system.


  16. Hmm… Leaving aside districts and such,

    I’m for Anne Mallek, mainly because her middle name is “Huckle”, and because of the clever signs!

    No, seriously, I think she’s a local person who will be willing to make compromises while doing more to protect Albemarle from uncontrolled growth. I also think she’ll help make improvements to existing programs that would benefit Biodiversity in the county.

    Kevin Fletcher for Scottsville, because he’s made the most intellegent and informed comments in all the debates.

    Marcia Joseph, basically because of her policies on Growth.

    Sean McCord, because I’ve worked with him and he’s intellegent, thoughtful and hard working.

    I also like Brian Wheeler, for similar reason as those mentioned above.

    Huja, for City Council because it’d be fantastic to have someone with vision on City Council, and a in-depth knowledge of urban planning. I kind of hope Kleeman gets a seat too, mainly because we need at least one person who’s not part of “the system” on Council.

    I’m not as well educated on the other races, mainly because I’m not sure how they’d directly affect me much. Fro example, If someone else got sheriff would I get less parking tickets? (or be able to pay online?) If so, then they’ve got my vote! Otherwise, I’d probably vote Democrat, or decide from the literature outside.

  17. Sheriffs in Albemarle County don’t issue parking tickets.

    They take care of the court system, prisoners and civil service papers, trespassing, eviction notices and the like. They also have a volunteer search and rescue unit that does some other things.

    From what I hear from people who use the court system, there seems to be an imbalance with these extra volunteer services the Sheriff takes on . . . for instance the metal detectors at the County court house are not manned (which seems a little crazy to me, considering all the high profile court incidents and court shootings we have heard about in the news lately), also the guys serving the civil papers have an extra heavy work load because they are two guys short.

    For comparison the city’s Sheriff’s office uses their volunteer unit to staff the metal detectors.

  18. JS, I was just kidding*, but it is nice to know a little more about what the Sheriff actually does. (They sure get paid enough, after all…)

    I suppose I just find it fascinating how some people in the county (going on yard signs and such) just seem to be really excited about a sheriff’s race, but I can’t figure how one makes too much more of a difference than another one, as long as they are qualified and don’t squander public money. Of course, maybe some other people feel the same about the BOS race?

    *(I do get a large amount of parking tickets though, but that’s more UVa’s fault for putting me on call but not giving me parking. I’d love to see how I rank in number of tickets among the other parking offenders. Hmm, I suppose I wouldn’t be a good candidate for Sheriff…)

  19. I live in the Scottsville area. The only person I’m sure to vote for is Connie Brennan, largely because the Watkins Abbitt mailers I get on a nearly daily basis are so distasteful.

  20. Bag of Leaves, Old Relish Packet and Small Yappy Dog all have really persuasive, convincing ads so I think I’ll write them in for City Council.

  21. Falstaff: Maybe the City Council and School Board people going to Tuscany can consult with Oscar de la Renta or Donatella Versace on a new look for the Sherriff’s Office.

    Thanks Falstaff. That comment made my day. Doncha just love it? Charlottesville at what it does best.

  22. Sheriffs in Albemarle County don’t issue parking tickets.

    They take care of the court system, prisoners and civil service papers, trespassing, eviction notices and the like. They also have a volunteer search and rescue unit that does some other things.

    They also write speeding tickets.

    Now for my picks-

    City Council:

    For City Council, I would probably endorse Peter Kleeman. I don’t know very much about him except that he’s running as an independent and he was a Morris Man. And I like to root for the underdog.

    I can’t support Mayor Brown because 291,000 dollars is a lot of money to pay an individual for nothing.

    I can’t support Huja because I’m old enough to remember charlottesville’s bad years when businesses fled the city. Rightly or wrongly a lot of the people I know, some of them former business owners, blame him. Further I don’t think anyone who was around here then (and who is not active in politics) can honestly say he was visionary or could imagine Cville being the way it is now as a direct result of his actions. The things people currently like about Charlottesville and attribute to him were just as much the results of the efforts of others.

    School Board:

    I don’t know enough about any of the candidates to endorse anyone yet. But I would vote for Brian Wheeler simply because as Jim Duncan said above: Brian Wheeler has done so much to bring transparency to local politics,… and “Local politics should be non-partisan, Brian walks the walk…

    Office of Sherriff:

    I know only slightly more about this race than I do School Board. So- Larry Claytor for Sherriff. I like that he isn’t planning on trying to expand the departments mission (unlike the other candidate). And I wasn’t impressed with Ed Robb so the endorsements of the other Sherriffs don’t matter at all to me.

    Albemarle BoS:

    I am concerned about the “property rights” issues in the non growth areas with regards to private (non-developer) individuals, I don’t think that “rich from out of area transplants” in the growth areas have a right to tell rural property owners (who in my personal experience are longtime locals) what not do do with their land because they don’t want the views ruined.

    However at the same time I think developer growth is out of control and that it is unfair to charge current residents for the the infrastructure burdens/requirements of the new residents and it is wrong to approve new developments before infrastructure issues (water, sewer, roads, etc,.) and their funding have been ironed out.

    I also think that the BoS blatantly refused to listen to the will of Crozet residents regarding their growth issues and should be punished for it. So I would probably lean more toward Mallek and Joseph in those districts.

    In the Scottsville district for me it is a toss up.

    I like the “history” that Dorrier has with the area. I like that he’s not a transplant- which the elected offices seem to be filled with. However, his “actions” don’t match his campaign literature, with perhaps the exception of his protection of rural area property rights.

    I also like what I’ve read and heard from Denny King. He and I have both lived in Los Angeles. So I know he’s seen first hand what Virginia has the potential to look like once the borders of NoVa and Richmond meet/join/grow together. I also like that it seems like he’s made an effort to make himself accessible to the point of passing out his home phone number. Now, having never tried, do you actually get him or an answering machine? I don’t know. I do believe that if there is an upset in the Scottsville race it will be Mr. King that accomplishes it.

    And that’s my 2 cents. Best of luck to my favorites and to all the candidates.

  23. If any of the thses three incumbents who have served the county with distinction loses, it will be a catastrophe for Albemarle without precedent but comparable to the worst days of the Great Depression. Property values will plummet as the rights of landowners are stripped away, and taxes will skyrocket as one big-government boondoggle after another is foisted upon a hapless citizenry.


    How about we make this interesting, Falstaff? I propose a bet. A head-shaving bet.

    We’ll use the metrics of the Great Depression (24.9% unemployment, waves of bankruptcies, 63% tax rate on the wealthy, 53% drop in farm prices, 31% drop in GNP, 80% drop in business value). If any BoS incumbent is not reelected and we reach half of any of those figures (12.45% unemployment, 31.5% county tax rate, 26.5% drop in farm prices, 15.5% drop in GNP, 40% drop in collective business value) in Albemarle by November 2, 2009, and those same metrics haven’t been met by any other counties surrounding Albemarle (to insulate against state or national economic trends, which would not be the fault of a single new member of the BoS), then I will shave my head. If we do not reach those metrics, then you will shave your head.

    The head shaving must be videotaped, and the video will posted to the front page of cvillenews.com. If cvillenews.com does not exist at that time, it will appear on the front page of a mutually agreed-upon website filling a similar niche in the area.

    Given that you and I are acquainted offline, enforcement shouldn’t present a problem. Are we on?

  24. Callin’ me out, eh Waldo? Certainly you wouldn’t begrudge me a little hyperbole in order to make a point. Actually, I don’t really suggest the City Councilors consult with Italian fashion designers on new uniforms for the sherriff’s office, nor do I believe I’d be serving consecutive life sentences for the wages of a misspent youth. But those bits of humor didn’t raise your hackles, did they?

    I thought you’d appreciate the bipartisan nature of my endorsements, but I guess bipartisanship for you is a one-way street running right-to-left. Sorry, I can’t vote straight Ds.

  25. Cville School Board
    Kathy Galvin, Colette Blount, Llezelle Dugger … hmmm-4th
    All are intelligent but caring folks who have been involved in the community in various ways over the years. They all know how to build consensus while asking question about where they are heading. Unlike some of the current board members, they won’t be looking at the clock during school board meetings, trying to figure out how to end the meeting earlier.

    I won’t be voting for Mr Edwards who apparently was able to clear his docket sufficiently to make a trip to Italy, but couldn’t find the time for most of the school board debates. I also must seriously question a Chairman who doesn’t get that ordering tables/chairs is NOT part of the school board duty, while ALL of their actual important business is supposed to occur in front of (OUR) public eyes. Board member Charlie Kollmansperger never even knew that the Tuscany trip and expenditure of School funds were being discussed. So the only thing worse than a board that makes decisions out of the public eye, is one that has an inner cadre of board members whom make decisions out of public scrutiny! Alvin Edwards response of “If we’re going to look at stuff like this, we need to look at a lot of things, like how much we pay for each chair and each table. Those are not decisions we discuss publicly.” notwithstanding, the School Board’s duty has nothing to do with purchasing pencils and chairs, and it has everything to do with being open and accountable to the public on any and all group decisions and expenditure of funds- it is the law, no? What else is going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about?

  26. I have a question for any one here, who is this teacher’s group that all the democratic are saying endorsed them? I’ve been told it’s a group of about 30 teachers. Is this true? If so those ads are awful misleading.

    That would be like taking Waldo’s head shaving bet and not disclosing that you were pretty much bald to begin with.

  27. “I suppose I just find it fascinating how some people in the county (going on yard signs and such) just seem to be really excited about a sheriff’s race.”

    I bet it has to do with the fact that folks that usually run for Sheriff have been doing their law enforcement/fire-rescue jobs for so long that they have big wide networks of people they have worked with or helped, at all levels of the community. You know they’ve done things like save your grandmother from a burglar to rescue her cat. It kind of reminds me of high school football fans.

    Also, its interesting because its non-partisan and partisan at the same time; both parties want the feather in their hat, but there will also be a ton of ballot splitters going both ways.

    Supposedly the Sheriff’s race up in Orange is really crazy.

  28. Hey, shiny fish! If you vote for your three (Galvin, Blount, Dugger) and punt on the fourth, and Alvin “I May or May Not Pick Up the Tab” Edwards wins by one vote, how ya gonna feel? Sean McCord wrote a nice little entry on the Tuscanygate thread. Fiscal responsibility, putting the needs of students and teachers first: wow! Wouldn’t that be something! Why not throw your fourth vote Mr. Mac’s way?

  29. GADS supports:

    Ann Mallek — speaks her mind in a quiet way; will not cater to developers; will stand her ground; not beholding to developers and real estate interests

    Marcia Joseph — has pledged to keep things above board; no special treatment for special people; not beholding to developers and real estate interests

    Denny King — has campaigned hard and will work hard to offer genuine representation to all Scottsville District residents, especially growth area residents who were steamrolled by developers and farmers who feel threatened by change; not beholding to developers and real estate interests

    Our County desperately needs a clean sweep on the Board of Supervisors. The current group can’t even be categorized as “reactive.” They’re inactive. The three incumbents are controlled by developers and real estate interests. Look at their campaign contributions on vpap.org. Boyd, Dorrier and Wyant are beholding BIG TIME!

    As an aside, the State passed legislation that allowed the County to accept proffers back in 1989. Albemarle finally adopted a Proffer Policy this year — a mere 18 years and 15,000 housing units too late. As the County Attorney, George R. St. John, warned in September 1989, dealing with development on an ad hoc basis is the antithesis of good planning. That’s exactly what has been done.


  30. Live and vote in the county, but actually spend more time involved with city politics. My votes will go towards sane growth and increased governmental transparency.

    -Can’t say enough good things about Peter Kleeman. He’s genuine in every sense of the word, one of the smartest people I’ve ever met, and a visionary. Like Dave Norris, he’s not a “politician.” Peter will listen without condescension (something that’s sorely lacking in the current council). He doesn’t think you’re an idiot if you disagree with him on an issue. I think he stands a good chance of winning out over Brown, who does more reacting to perceived slights than thinking problems through all the way. I predict that there will be Kleeman single-shots.

    -Huja is a thinker and knows the ins and outs of the city. He really cares about Charlottesville. It would be great to see Norris, Kleeman, and Huja working together– complimentary skills and knowledge. Maybe he could even clean up NDS (aka The Benevolent Brotherhood of Developers).

    -Holly Edwards is a wonderful person, but I worry that her experience outside of healthcare is strong enough. I’d like to see her in an influential C’ville position where she can make policy about the issues in which she’s an expert– but not Council. Based on her answers to questions in the papers and many forums, I’m just not sure if she can get up to speed fast enough on stuff like zoning, budgets, etc. But I’d vote for her over Brown any day.

    -Vehement NO to Alvin Edwards for all the reasons mentioned by everyone else, especially the lack of tranparency. I particularly like Sean McCord, but also like the other candidates as well.

    -Larry Claytor for Sheriff. I like Chip very much also, but am too wary of his Robb connection.

    -For CA, it’s Denise Lunsford all the way! I’ll be shocked if Camblos is re-elected. That’ll mean y’all didn’t vote.

    -Yes to Marcia Joseph, Ann Mallek, and Kevin Fletcher. I think they’d be a good team with Sally Thomas, and might all be greater than the sum of their parts. A BOS to be reckoned with. Wendell Woods’ worst nightmare, therefore my happy dream.

    -A huge YES to Brian Wheeler. What a smart and good guy. He’s not a politician, and that’s the nicest thing you can say about anyone.

    -For Court Clerk, I’ll vote for the person that will make sure that all those wonderful old documents in the courthouse (deeds, land books, etc) are no longer allowed to degrade like they’ve been doing. They need to be preserved ASAP.

  31. SHERIFF — Claytor. It’s my opinion the position of Sheriff should not be used to simply create a 2nd monthly retirment check for any person leaving and retiring from a police department. While this may not be Harding’s intention, it sure does make me wonder about his real motive.

    CLERK OF COURT — Shipp. I don’t think any explanation whatsoever is necessary in this election. Debbie is the only one running that probably knows a single thing about the duties and responsibilities of the office. Her 31 years experience in the office says it all.

    And JS, the City Sheriff’s Office does not have an auxiliary force, unless it’s something they haver just created in the last few months. The metal detectors are manned by full time and part time deputies. Two full time deputies retired and have now become part time deputies.

  32. Falstaff, the Albemarle County Sheriff’s Office now wears black shirts and dark grey pants. Unless I am colorblind? I can’t recall seeing a county deputy in the traditional brown shirts and tan pants for a long time.

    The Charlottesville City Sheriff still wears the traditional brown shirts and tan pants.

  33. I have one prediction. most incumbent will go down in defeat. this includes Alvin Edwards, jim camblos among the upset victims. it will be a bloodbath on tuesday.

  34. I moved here a year ago, thought I switched my DMV registration record, but didn’t. I’m so ashamed I can’t vote, but hope that no one will knowingly abstain out of “principal” because then someone who can’t do the job may slip into office.

    I really want to see Dugger, Blount, McCord, and Galvin in School Board. Went to a forum and they all made lots of sense. The possibility of Meynig scares… her heart is in the right place but I don’t see how anyone can take her seriously. Edwards’ justification for the trip to Italy was ridiculous. For Council I hope Holly Edwards and Kleeman are successful. Brownrigg came to my door and scolded my child for excitedly saying hello to him. That and his business management approach (because profits are not the highest concern for schools, kids are), is enough to turn me off.

  35. Brownrigg willingly sharing a yard sign with Alvin Edwards is enough to turn me off, were I voting in that race.

  36. Galvin and Blount for sure for school board.
    sick of the city dems. and their excess……..so I guess I’ll be voting for Kleeman and Haskins for city council. Maybe if they both win we’ll get some real representation………..

  37. Demopublican

    “Two full time deputies retired and have now become part time deputies.”

    My bad, the lawyers who were telling me about the disparity between the county and the city (metal detectors) told me the retired part and I filled in the blank . . .

  38. Haskins and kleeman seem to know the value of a dollar. Brownrigg seems to know the value of a dollar. Blount knows the value of “best practices.” If I say, “I can not vote for any of the others,” does that break the “no negative” rule? It’s really quite difficult for me to refrain.

  39. If I say, “I can not vote for any of the others,” does that break the “no negative” rule? It’s really quite difficult for me to refrain.

    My interest is in having people present their case for their candidates, but I understand that sometimes the case is “I don’t like the other guy.” :) What I really want to avoid is people saying “I won’t vote for him because everybody knows he beats his wife,” or “every time I see her speak she just seems so dumb.” What seems totally great is describing the positions taken by candidates and explaining why you don’t favor them.

    For instance, Chip Harding supports expanding the mission of the Albemarle sheriff’s office. It’s an office that I’m not sure should exist in the first place, and I really can’t see expanding its mission — and thus its budget — and I certainly can’t see doing so unless it were, say, the top sheriff’s office in the state and it was seeking to expand to fulfill a mission that just had to be done and that just didn’t make sense for the police to do. Since Larry Claytor believes that the sheriff’s office should simply do what it’s supposed to do, do that within the confines of its budget, and do it well, he’s the man for me.

    That’s not negative. Somebody could easily read what I just wrote and come to precisely the opposite conclusion about who to support.

    I hope that explains things a bit better.

  40. I would say Waldo that you generally strike a very good balance of forcefully, constantly and convincingly arguing your point of view with out being dogmatic or reactionary.

    Its a hard balance to maintain sometimes (none of us are perfect of course, and sometimes I think, I know for me, it is easy to type without thinking things through), but you get it most of the time . . . I assume thats why you have a loyal group of conservative readers on both of your blogs.

  41. I was just joking and I agree with JS. I realize that often when a person votes for a person he is actually voing against someone else, on purpose. I like Jennifer’s comment enough to repeat it: “Unfortunately, part of my decision making has been process of elimination — who’s left after I cross out those not getting my vote.” This blog has the most civilized political discussion that I have heard or read in years and I’m glad you asked the question. I hope you remember to do it every election.

  42. JS, there’s a much larger picture involving the “part time” arrangement. But that’s an entirely different election around the corner.

  43. Hey, duckbowler! I don’t plan to punt on the fourth; just have not made my mind up yet, while the three (Galvin, Blount, Dugger) are clear choices for me, I am still working on the fourth (and Sean McCord is certainly in the mix). I certainly won’t decide by flipping a coin, ala Judge Shull!

    ps- is the press going to pick up on the illegality of these behind the scenes school board discussion/decisions, or will they drop the ball on this one, fearing election pressures?

    Shining off.

  44. How disheartening it is to hear City council democrats being pilloried in this blog(for all the right reasons). Left wingers like me are justifiably disgusted with the blatant over-spending and subsequent utter disregard for the predicament of Charlottesville’s shrinking middle class. I will NOT vote for the mayor ever again. A junket to Italy to reasearch an exchange program? Anyone care to guess how many italian classes Cville schools offer? A trip to Tuscany is what we all need. Will the city pay for my next vacation?
    Vote for Mr. Kleeman for council.
    For school board: Galvin Blount Dugger and McCord.

  45. Voting for Jim Chamblos and Chip Harding.

    Chamblos is a brilliant defender of the animal population here in Albemarle County, prosecuting various animal abuse cases very toughly.

    Harding is the next in a line of great sheriffs for AlbCo. The past three sheriffs all endorse him. We need someone strong and tough.

  46. Oh, and John Dawson should win clerk of court. If only for the reason that he would extend clerk hours so we wouldn’t have to leave work to go to the office, or try and squeeze it in on our lunch break. Thanks!

  47. There are usually a majority of intelligent people on Council but the Councilors are predominantly legislative hobbyists, governing the City is not their primary concern.
    The City is run by the City Manager, by the Director of NDS, by the City Attorney and by the staff, the Councilors drop in every once and awhile and sit on the porch.
    I am voting for Peter Kleeman and Satyendra Huja. They have the grace amd intelligence to both listen and lead. They are willing to invest the time required to get this City back on track, that is full-time, 40+ hours per week.
    First order of business for the new Council, remove the high-level bureaucratic chaff from City Hall.

  48. “Oh, and John Dawson should win clerk of court. If only for the reason that he would extend clerk hours so we wouldn’t have to leave work to go to the office, or try and squeeze it in on our lunch break. Thanks!”

    Lulu… And exactly how does Dawson plan on paying for these extended hours?

  49. shouldn’t it be, “whom do you endorse?”

    I don’t think so. “Whom” is used in lieu of “who” when it’s a direct object (ie, “of whom do you speak,” “to whom did you give it,” etc.), and there’s no implied DO preceding “who” in the title. IMHO, “whom” is a goofy throwback that should be eliminated from American English, but that won’t keep me from being pedantic about it so long as it’s standard. :)

    And exactly how does Dawson plan on paying for these extended hours?

    If he can pay for ’em, that’d be awesome. I tried to get a deed recorded a couple of months ago, and I had to go four times to get it done. The first time they were closed when I got there at 4:30. The second time they said that it didn’t matter that they were open — they don’t record deeds after 4pm, despite being told otherwise when I’d called before coming in — but it took a while to figure that out, because there was only one person in the office, and he was having a pretty personal phone conversation that he didn’t want to give up on to talk to little ol’ me. The third time they couldn’t help us fill out a form (they have this madlib deed recordation form that has no indications of what goes in each field — “_____ records _____ at the _____ _____ on _____” — it’s ludicrous) and the woman insulted my wife for not knowing how to fill it out, apparently missing the irony that she was equally unable to do it. The fourth time was the charm, by which I mean the time that we paid an attorney to fill out the paperwork for us and that my wife went there during her lunch break.

    Extended hours? Sign me up. But that would require increasing a bunch of payroll costs, since the whole courthouse locks up at 4:30. Without attaching a dollar value and a plan to cover those costs, it sounds like pandering to me.

  50. The extended hours things is a campaign promise Dawson will never be able to keep. It’s not like you can leave a 3 or 4 story building open with only one or two employees to look after it.

    If this campaign promise can get him elected, more power to him!

  51. On the most important question on this thread: I think it’s “whom,” Waldo. The question, when rephrased as a statement (question format obscures the subj-verb-do order) reads thusly: You do support whom? When you do it that way, you see that the whom is indeed a direct object.

    I’ll be embarrassed if I’m wrong.

    And on the topic of irrational motivations for voting preferences: I’m voting for Marcia Joseph over Ken Boyd partly (only partly, but still…) because of Falstaff’s “carpetbagger” remark aimed at Joseph (from an earlier thread). Irritating attempt to smear candidate fact that Boyd is as much a “carpetbagger” as Joseph but Falstaff neglects to mention that = a vote for Joseph. Crazy, maybe, but if I can something to help dash Falstaff’s hopes, that’s pretty appealing.

  52. I wasn’t sure whether you were right, Cecil (but the logic made sense), so I googled around. It turns out that Grammar Girl agrees with you, using the example of Bo Diddley’s “Who Do You Love?” She explains, just as you do, that “who” is the implicit direct object, and thus should be “Whom Do You Love?” But, as the AP’s other interview subject points out, that just sounds goofy. :)

    “Whom Do You Endorse” it is! Thanks cvillenewser and Cecil for keeping me on the grammatical straight and narrow. :)

  53. I am still very torn on the school board race. I like the idea of Wood having real classroom experience but I haven’t heard what he has learned from it. The things that are most important to me are closing the achievement gap, more after school options (including transportation to and from programs) so kids don’t have so much time to get into trouble and so they can get help with school work, and I want someone to push for more aggressive guidance councilors. If you are a potential first generation college student who has parents that are unfamiliar with the college admissions process, a guidance councilor can be a crucial resource. Anyone know where I can find issue positions for candidate?

  54. “Whomsoever wins – I endorse them.”
    Now that I’m up off the floor, UVA08, you can try this link:
    And take some advice from Jennifer (again) “Unfortunately, part of my decision making has been process of elimination — who’s left after I cross out those not getting my vote.”
    So true, so true.
    Now, that I have found out about his proffers, I am going to have to reconsider Alvin Edwards. If I see a sandwich already prepared that I can eat after I come back from the polls and get a free bus ride to the polls on a bus with his church’s name on it, I will do something I have never done before – vote for Edwards!

  55. Since I cant vote in the County, I want to persuade voters to vote for Ann Mallek, Denise Lunsford, Brian Wheeler and Larry Claytor.

    Ann Mallek takes responsibility for her decisions and would not let important policy decisions just happen. She is open and responsive and available for constituents, all of them.

    Denise Lunsford is a great criminal defense lawyer. She is smart, savvy and committed to a Commonwealth Attorney’s office that is responsive to crime victims- a new concept in this area.

    Brian Wheeler has two children in the schools, he has a lot invested in the wellness of the school system. He is also responsive to the concerns of the community, is always prepared and blogs about his thought process for a more transparent school board.

    Larry Claytor stands up for what he believes. I met Larry in Sorenson’s Candidate Training Program. I grew up in western Albemarle county where Larry lives. These two things endear me to him. BUT as I have gotten to know him this year, I am in awe of his ability to listen and respond intelligently. I appreciate he has other interests aside from the police department such as serving as President of CARS, a member of the Lions club (I think, it is one of those clubs) and other hobbies. He has come across all walks of life so he holds no prejudices against one group or another, and he thinks highly of people in general. He is also excellent at using his resources, he will bring the values of safety and efficiency to the Sheriff’s office.

    I’ll be back later for the City School Board.
    County folks- help me by voting Mallek, Lunsford, Wheeler and Claytor.

  56. This is a difficult year to get happy about the vote. I know I’m voting for Haskins and Kleeman. I’ll not split my vote by wasting it on a third (I learned the danger of that at the last school board election!)Otherwise I would vote for Holly Edwards…but I must be sure two independents are elected to send a message LOUD and CLEAR!

    It’s okay to spend a million for another rescue squad that is not needed…but not to spend a million to help the YMCA build a facility for everyone to use. When our kids have to commute to Waynesboro if they want to compete for a Y program…how could there be any question about spending even a couple of million for an excellent facility!

    For school board I find it interesting that the only incumbent running for re-election is the Teflon man! When was the last time Rev. Edwards walked the halls of Buford or CHS??? When was the last time he ate lunch with the city teachers on a school day? Rob Schilling, Peggy Van Yahres, Mary Susan Payne, and many others always visited the schools and the teachers. Often more than central office did!
    I plan on voting for Sean, Llezelle, Kathy and Collette!

    I don’t live in the county, but if I did I’d vote for Brian Wheeler because of what he says on Coy Barefoot’s radio show. I’d also vote for Chip Harding because of his skills in catching the “Serial Rapist”. He has the experience and management that the patrolman corporal doesn’t have.

    Oh, the comment about retired deputies coming back part time…teachers and principals do it all the time in the county.
    Look at Larry Lawwill, retired as AHS principal and is now a manager in HR in the county! Just wait until the boomers start to retire in mass due to NCLB…the city will be paying double for retirees to help out in the classrooms!

    Remember to offer to take a friend to vote with you..perhaps a coffee stop before or after…it may only take one phone call to make a difference in “getting out the vote”. We all don’t have buses!

  57. Hlamont,
    I’m with you……wish I had a bus though. Mary Susan Payne was in the schools when she was on the board and she had common sense, something missing now.. I do think Kathy Galvin has met with not only admin. and teachers, but resource officers and parents from all schools. She gets my first vote!

  58. Yup. Kathy, as her slogan says… she really does her homework!

    check it out

  59. Denise Lunsford because I am sick and freakin’ tired of Jim Camblos embarrassing Albemarle County with his dishonor and incompetence. No more “Boss Hogg”….. vote Lunsford. I don’t think Lunsford would ignore animal abuse but it does look like Camblos abuses children in the judicial system.

  60. Uva08-
    I am having a hard time trying to figure out how to vote in the Albemarle County at-large school board race too. (No info on Cvilletomorrow as that is Brian wheeler’s site). Brian is a great guy and I believe he is the only AC school board member with children now in the system. He makes enormous efforts to communicate with parents/constituents. He is a strong supporter of decent teacher salaries. All good things. BUT I do not like that advanced/honors level classes have become much larger in county middle and high schools in the past 3 years. I am dismayed by the increase in downtown administrative positions which drain resources away from classrooms. I was very concerned by the disrespect shown to teachers by some of those downtown administrators during last years “discussion” about proposed changes in the “ACPS High School Program of Studies”. And I do not understand why the Superintendent’s contract and salary were significantly changed in her favor over last summer.
    So Wood is a teacher which would be good to have on the board. BUT he has been endorsed by the local Republicans which makes me very wary. And there has been very little info about him in the media as far as I can tell.

    For Commonwealths Attorney- VOTE for Denise Lunsford!

  61. “So Wood is a teacher which would be good to have on the board. BUT he has been endorsed by the local Republicans which makes me very wary. And there has been very little info about him in the media as far as I can tell.”

    Gail… My sentiment exactly! I was leaning towards Wood but after hearing he was endorsed by the Republican Party I fell back into the undecided column. I know that sounds shallow but the things that I am most concerned about (see above) are the things that Republicans typically shy away from or even try to cut funding from. I don’t see them addressing the achievement gap being that many of their activists live in this artificial world where most racism ended in the 1960s when a few laws were passed. I have heard over and over again from their side about “wasteful spending” when it comes to social programs, which raises concerns about how he (Wood) will approach after school programing. Finally, I just don’t get a sense of compassion coming from their side. I feel like everything boils down to whether someone has strong character or not. I feel like environmental and historical factors are generally ignored by their party when it comes to success and achievement. I really do think it’s time for some new leadership in our school system but I am not sure if a.) Wheeler hasn’t pursued new ideas and b.) if Wood would pursue new ideas that I would support. Like I said, I am undecided and probably will be up until the last minute. I need help guys! Can anyone tell me what Wood has done besides being a nice person and opening up the government that makes him the better choice for the school board?

  62. Although I don’t know anything about Mr. Wood, I will say that I’m not so sure that there’s an imperative to have a professional educator on a school board. School boards find themselves surrounded with professional educators and there’s no shortage of opportunities for teachers to have input into the policy-making process.

    I like the idea of community stakeholders (parents, taxpayers, employers) being in a position to challenge the bureaucracy. Not that teachers can’t also be parents and taxpayers, but I just wouldn’t put a lot of weight in my decision-making process on the fact that a candidate is a teacher.

    That’s all I’m sayin’.

  63. I am predicting a ton of upsets and shockers it’ll be a bloodbath wednesday morning.

  64. The outcome of the Commonwealth Attorney race is critical to the safety of all young women living on Grounds at the University of Virginia – many of whom can not register to vote in Albemarle County.

    I support Denise Lunsford because I have experienced how Mr. Camblos’ office treats victims of felony crimes. My daughter was a victim of rape when she attended UVA. She was required by jurisdiction to file a report with the UVA Campus Police; criminal charges fell under the purview of Albemarle County.

    Ms. Lunsford’s accounts in recent media coverage accurately portray Mr. Camblos’ staff’s treatment of victims with complete disregard for their dignity and indifference to their emotional trauma.The Daily Progress story, “Prosecutor hopefuls trade barbs over treatment of crime victims” written by Bob Gibson, on Oct 11th, reported on comments made by the two candidates over the handling of UVA sexual assault cases.

    It is extremely important for the public to understand that the Albemarle Commonwealth Attorney must treat every victim of sexual assault with compassion, empathy, and dignity. When a victim is treated with indifference or inappropriate and rude comments are made, the emotional anguish experienced by the victim intensifies. It is our duty to elect officials who will treat every crime victim with respect and compassion.

    Sadly, during the 2 hour interview between my daughter and Mr. Camblos’ staff, I witnessed many inappropriate comments being said to my daughter and I could do nothing to stop the prosecutor from speaking to her in such a demeaning and disgusting manner.

    A recent comment by Oprah (yes, different situation) summarizes the issue; “any time a child has the courage to step forward, it is our duty as adults to listen and take immediate action.” My child had the fortitude to withstand two hours of grueling testimony by the Prosecutor, only to leave the Commonwealth Attorney’s office feeling beaten down and betrayed.

    The Daily Progress printed an article by Kate Harmon on Oct 13th titled, “Sexual assaults are No. 3 crime on UVa campus”. In the article she states that “Eighteen of the 71 assaults reported at UVa between 2004 and 2006 were (reported) to law enforcement”, leaving readers wanting more information, such as how many of these assaults were prosecuted. I believe the correct answer would be none.

    The women of Charlottesville deserve to be safe. They deserve a prosecutor who will take the time and the care to see that every case is handled as if it were the only case. They deserve a Commonwealth’s Attorney who truly protects victims. I support Denise Lunsford for Albemarle Commonwealth Attorney.

    Susan R.
    Founder, http://www.uvavictimsofrape.com

  65. That’s a compelling story but also a hellofa accusation: Your daughter was treated w/ “indifference” and felt “beaten down and betrayed.” Don’t misunderstand me, I’m voting for D. Lunsford b/c I like her and have been nonplussed by some of J. Camblos’s decisions. Neverthelsess, if it’s possible for you to give specific examples of what you described w/out compromising anything you justifiably regard as personal and privileged, I think many of us would appreciate it.

  66. There are two full time teachers running for school board seats (Mr. Wood and Ms. Blount. I did not realize that were both currently teaching school full time. Mr Wood in Fluvanna and Ms. Blount at Sutherland in Albemarle County.
    I don’t understand how they can meet the needs of the kids in their classrooms and be an active board member. School members often meet with city council and supervisors, they need to be in the classrooms, teacher lounges and walking and talking in the schools.
    How can they do that and be in their own classrooms 180 days?
    I for one would not want my child to be in a classroom that had a teacher distracted by a board seat. I know how difficult it is to volunteer as a Scout Leader, AEA representative, Patso officer and swim team volunteer/officer and be a parent and a classroom teacher. Again, it is not possible to be there for your own family, your students in class and those in the system you represent on the school board…someone is going to get the short end of the stick! My concern is that it will be the county and city school board…and honestly it should! Run for the school board when you’re out of the classroom. They need former teachers that have the time and experience!!!!

  67. Im voting Dawson for clerk. He has actully ran a business and knows how to manage a large office. He is also the only one who has had to do a budget of that size. I’m sorry but when I pay taxes I don’t want someone in there who doesn’t no how do do a budget, when there are millions of Albemarles tax dollars going through there do you? Debbie Shipp may have worked there for 31 years, but when you put it next to someone who has either been a director or owned his own business for 32 years I know who I would want running an office like that for all of us.


  68. I’m in Greene County and we have a similar Supervisor’s race here. Three people running for two at-large seats. The two incumbents, Steve Catalano and Patsy Morris, are both pro-developer while the challenger, Carl Schmitt, wants to slow development. Currently, Greene county has a growth-area that is larger than the area of the City of Charlottesville.

    I’m voting for Schmidt though I do wish I also had the opportunity to vote against Camblos.

  69. Falstaff – it’s not that I find the material personal, but that the comments are being addressed in another manner and not available to be debated in the press. If you visit my website, you will understand the frustration I felt and continue to feel over the way the case was handled. However, I will say this: The prosecutor met with us AFTER he made his decision not to prosecute. He had no intention of changing his mind – he met with us only because he had to. He never spoke with the accused. He used a false and misleading police report as the basis for his decision. He asked my daughter if she would like to “change her statement” (no, she didn’t – but the accused changed his statement five times after being allowed to review hers). Knowing that she had been at a sorority function at O’Neills, the prosecutor lectured, “You were drinking? What did you expect?” He also said “I cannot punish the young man for being opportunistic”. He chastized her for not screaming and fighting hard enough. He used his daughter and wife as examples ….it goes on and on. He insinuated her trauma was an act. And that’s all I can share for now. There was a UVA policeman present and he told me that in his professional opinion, he believed my daughter was raped, but he never documented his investigation or comments. How do you investigate a felony crime and not document it? So many things were done improperly – all I wanted was a proper investigation and a professional response to all our questions. For God sakes, that’s their job.

  70. Vote Larry Claytor for Sheriff,

    He is one of the most ethical, up-standing, stop by the side of the road and change a stranger’s tire, go the extra-mile to make sure a family–whose family member’s murder he is investigating–is being taking care of, always stand up for what he believes in, caring and decent man that I have every meet!

    Vote Larry Claytor for Sheriff

    These are the kind of people we want in positions of leadership in this county.

    As evidence look no further than the fact that no matter what organization Larry has been a part of, big or small, his peers and co-workers always elevate him to a level of leadership.

    And all that dirty crap that Harding, Ed Robb and team were pushing out about Larry not being qualified is just that, it’s Crap, with a capital C!

    As a friend of mine who happens to be a retired Albemarle police officer wrote me:

    ” I can think of no better person that I feel comfortable with as Sheriff in Albemarle County. Larry has the very rare quality that is desperately needed in positions of leadership these days. That quality is taking a stand for ethical practices even in the face of adversity for doing so. Even when no one else is closely scrutinizing him or there is no media attention, Larry has consistently strived for and achieved his goal of serving the community and doing what is right. His status as a Master Police Officer should also not be taken lightly. In the Albemarle County Police Department the Master Police Officer position is a status which is just as difficult to attain, if not more so, than that of supervisory positions. Often times the Master Police Officers have significantly higher skills in many law enforcement duties than the supervisors may have.”

    Uhhh, and not to mention, but he is the President of C.A.R.S., THE busiest all-volunteer rescue squad in the nation!

    Vote Larry Claytor for Sheriff

  71. I’ll be voting for Kleeman. I’m indifferent on most of the candidates for Council, except I’ve eliminated Brown for gross incompetence and fiscal irresponsibility. He should run for Congress; they like people who abdicate power. Remember Brown’s response to the rescue squad debacle? He approved money without thinking about it. Haskins I also don’t care for, because for the life of me I cannot make sense out of anything she says. I’m not saying I can’t understand her positions, I’m saying I can’t even figure out what they are. On the other hand, I’ve been reading Kleeman’s blog and I really like his positions on the bypass among many other things. I’m a little more fiscally conservative than he is, but that’s prolly just because I’m younger. I like Holly Edwards and Huja enough to vote for them.

  72. Who=He

    Do you endorse he?
    Do you endorse him?

    Hope that helps clear that up. :-)

  73. I’ve been reading Kleeman’s blog and I really like his positions on the bypass among many other things. I’m a little more fiscally conservative than he is, but that’s prolly just because I’m younger.

    Oh how things have changed…..

    “Any 20 year-old who isn’t a liberal doesn’t have a heart, and any 40 year-old who isn’t a conservative doesn’t have a brain.” Winston Churchill

    We know Kleeman has a brain, but that quote does have kernal of truth to it. Baron, I hope you aren’t so much younger that you aren’t on the upper end of that range.

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