Whom Do You Endorse?

I want to open up the floor to endorsements for Tuesday’s election. Tell us who you support, who you oppose, and — this is the important bit — why. Persuade us to vote for your guy. Bonus points will be awarded for those who can stick to the positive attributes of their candidate of choice, rather than the downsides of the opposition (admittedly not always a strong suit for me). If you’re involved with any of the candidates’ campaigns, say so, and tell us what moved you to work for that candidate.

Unsurprisingly, I’ll be voting for Democrats here in Albemarle. I liked Larry Claytor when he was a Republican running for sheriff, and I like him just as much now that he’s switched teams. He’s like Andy Griffith — a hard-working boy scout — and a perfect match for the Albemarle sheriff’s office. Honestly, I don’t know the first thing about clerk of court, so I’m likely to just vote for Debbie Shipp because she’s got a “D” next to her name. And commonwealth’s attorney…don’t get me started. I’ll have a special day-before blog entry to remind everybody that, every time they cast a vote for Jim Camblos, God kills a kitten. I’m in Rivanna and represented by Republican first-term incumbent Ken Boyd. He and I disagree utterly on all matters of land use and development, which I see as the most important issue for the BoS these days, while Democratic challenger Marcia Joseph‘s positions make far more sense to me. (Disclosure: I’ve contributed to the campaigns of Claytor, Joseph, and Lunsford and provided some advice to Claytor and Joseph’s campaigns. The latter may or may not actually qualify as helpful.)

I can’t vote in the city, and I’m glad, because I’d hate to have to pick. Peter Kleeman is an old, dear friend, and he’s precisely the sort of guy who we need on council: honest, inquisitive, awfully nice, and an absolute genius. He’s not running as a Democrat, but I don’t care. Holly Edwards, too, is just a wonderful human being who I’d have to vote for. The toss-up would be between David Brown and Satyendra Huja.

Sadly, I’m not in the 59th house district (Albemarle south of the city) because, if I was, I could vote for Connie Brennan. Connie’s another old, dear friend, and she’s challenging 21-year incumbent Watkins Abbitt, who has no record to speak of. (Disclosure: I’ve contributed to Connie’s campaign.)

Your turn: who do you support and why?

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