5 thoughts on “News Leader Reporter Fired for Plagiarism”

  1. That’s funny that I described her as a him. The name — “Blair” — is genderless, but I’ll bet I just assumed that a sports writer must be male. I’ve corrected the blog entry. Thanks for pointing out my mistake, Patrick.

  2. No problem. The only reason I noticed it is because I had read the story earlier on Friday and made the same mistake, probably for the same reason you did…

    In this day and age, I wonder if that sort of thing happens more than those of us non-media types realize?

  3. I’d venture that less noticeable forms of plagiarism – barely rewording a sentence from a press release for a brief about a city street closing, etc. – happen very often and go unnoticed and unpunished, for the most part. But something this obvious doesn’t happen often, or at least I’d like to believe that. Reading the News Leader’s article, it sounds like this woman had to go to a lot of trouble just to plagiarize – lots of googling, time spent making up fake identities, etc – why not just write her own article? Now she’s been fired, publicly humiliated and hopefully will never again write for a media outlet. How could she have thought she’d never get caught? I would like to believe that most of my former j-school alum are not that stupid.

    If I were an editor and noticed that my budding journalist had great clips but seemed to stay at her desk all day and never went out or called any sources, I think that would also raise some red flags. Maybe she was just going home instead.

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