“Secret Agent Ken Boyd”

A friend just turned me on to the brilliant, satirical, and local Beta Carotene Show. Their brand-new installment of the old-time-style radio show is an episode entitled “Secret Agent Ken Boyd.” The show is credited to Steve Ashby, Alex Davis, Bill Davis, and Robert LaRue, who play characters including Wendell Wood, all of the BoS, and God.

I’m so happy to have a chance to use the “Satire” category. This town needs satire, and it needs it badly.

9 thoughts on ““Secret Agent Ken Boyd””

  1. Let me get this straight…you’re looking for satirical comments regarding the beloved City of Charlottesville? Boy, I’m not touching that one with a 10 ft. pole.

  2. With a “10” “ft.” pole? Don”’t you mean a bargepole? Or have you never been to England, I mean “Ol’ Blighty”?

  3. Brillant satire? If it were only funny it might be forgiven for it’s causal treatment of the facts. I love the use of the only honest woman in all of government, Saint Sally Thomas. Even when she votes for something for Wendell Wood (the deal had been improved in the County’s favor- thus the 6-0 vote for it) Sally laters say her vote was a mistake. So like Sen. Kerry, she was for it before she was against it.
    It is funny that Former Clinton appointee Slutsky gets his marching orders from President Bush.

  4. Very funny, but I think the background music should have come from Get Smart with Ken Boyd playing Maxwell Smart. He could have talked to Feds using his shoe phone.

  5. Perlogik, I think I laughed harder at the notion of Sluzsky receiving a call from President Bush than anything else. :) And the portrayal of Thomas as St. Thomas is pretty great, too. To anybody who is extremely liberal, and has no interest in property rights, I’m sure that’s precisely how they see those respective board members.

  6. Around Easter of this year Ken Boyd began publicly praying about the NGIC affair. And there really was a leak from someone at NGIC to Boyd in which the canard was floated that NGIC may leave us if we didn’t reward W.W. Wood with an expansion of the growth area.

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