3 thoughts on “City Provides Same-Sex Benefit”

  1. WOW. This gym membership thing is really catching on as a GREAT BIG benefit. Think I’ll hold out for healthcare.

  2. It’s part of their employee “wellness” benefit and they don’t foot the bill for the whole monthly membership fee. I think it’s 40% or something like that. And if the person doesn’t go a certain number of times per month, Galloway Beck & Assoc. socks ’em for the full monthly fee. But hey, when you’re talking 40% of a monthly ACAC fee times whatever number of employees sign up for it, I think you’re getting into serious money territory. BUT, G.B. would counter that, “The City actually ‘saves’ money on healthcare for individuals who practice a routine of physical fitness.” Question: Does he use it? He’s kind of big fella.

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