City Provides Same-Sex Benefit

Just one week after UVa began offering gym benefits to domestic partners, Henry Graff reported for NBC 29 that Charlottesville is now extending the same benefit to their employees. There’s no indication of whether this is a coincidence, or whether the city is simply trying to stay competitive as an employer after UVa had one-upped them.

3 Responses to “City Provides Same-Sex Benefit”

  • WOW. This gym membership thing is really catching on as a GREAT BIG benefit. Think I’ll hold out for healthcare.

  • They did what they could legally. Does the County offer that?

  • It’s part of their employee “wellness” benefit and they don’t foot the bill for the whole monthly membership fee. I think it’s 40% or something like that. And if the person doesn’t go a certain number of times per month, Galloway Beck & Assoc. socks ’em for the full monthly fee. But hey, when you’re talking 40% of a monthly ACAC fee times whatever number of employees sign up for it, I think you’re getting into serious money territory. BUT, G.B. would counter that, “The City actually ‘saves’ money on healthcare for individuals who practice a routine of physical fitness.” Question: Does he use it? He’s kind of big fella.

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