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  1. A minor league baseball team would be great, but I’d first like to see more sidewalks and bike paths. Add a grocery store on the Downtown Mall, and people could smuggle cheaper snacks into the stadium after they walk or bike to the games.

    A zoo? No, no, no. Like he said, you can’t half-ass a zoo.

  2. I don’t live there anymore, so I don’t get a vote. But I’m confused — that article seemed divided in its intentions.

    Was it a satirical piece? Strip clubs, mall department stores, tobacco farms, and Home Depots strike me as such bad choices for the list that they almost have to be listed with only comic intentions. Even assuming one would not be stridently opposed to such Albemarle innovations, could anyone actually think they are amongst the top 15 things we could use?

    Or was it an honest, wouldn’t-it-be-great-if piece? I think civic museums, sidewalks, connected city trails, small condo market, and downtown grocery store would likely be rather high on many people’s lists.

    Of course, it was divided in its intentions in another way as well. In some places, it is posed as an empirical piece (here are some things you won’t find here and why), while in others, it is posed as a normative piece (Kyle Daly’s list of the 15 absent but most needed things in Charlottesville).

    Regarding a couple of the others…

    * It is fun to go to minor league baseball games. But can the tremendous investment required to acquire a new professional athletic team (noting that such investment rarely can be used for much else) really be even close to justified given the University of Virginia’s baseball team and brand new stadium as well as the regional minor league teams (e.g., Richmond, one hour away)?

    * Similarly, why make an investment in an inflexible infrastructure (streetcars) when a highly flexible, less expensive substitute is available (busses)?

  3. I was under the impression that there were plenty 1bd condos available in the Cville market. The drawbacks as I see them is that Cville isn’t big enough to support the resale market for 1bd’s. In a big metropolis where real estate is expensive and space is at a premium a 1bd condo is a good starter to get ones foot into the R.E. market. You can buy it certain that when you’re ready to upgrade you’ll be able to resell it with little or no big headaches. In Cville when you’re ready to sell your 1bd you’re probably going to wind up the landlord for a 1bd condo.

    I would think that most buyers in Cville are couples and/or couples with kids and would prefer at least 2bds.

    I think when you guys say “small condo market” you’re meaning “more 1bd’s in the downtown/west main st./university area,” hip, trendy and affordable. Cville’s got 1bd’s it’s just that when people consider those places (which aren’t always hip and trendy) they’re thinking “gee if I’m living here why not something a bit larger?”

    Re the streetcar- Huge waste of money for something with such a limited/restricted use. With a similar allowances (transit only lane/or Transit only during peak hours) the buses can get it done for less. If you want my support on a streetcar Run the first line from Barracks Road down 29 all the way to Hollymead Town Center.

    Minor League Baseball- Hmm. Could be fun. But it’s more like televised College Sports (maybe not your favorite one)? or Minor league Baseball – pick one. Right now UVA fills that amature/quasi professional sporting void.

    Re the Strip club- I imagine this conversation:

    Person 1 – “Hey remember Andy from down the street?”

    Person 2- “Yeah, great guy.”

    Person 1- “His daughter’s working at that Strip club up near the airport.”

    Person 2- “Little Jennifer? No, really?!”

    Person 1- “Yup. Sure is.”

    Person 2- “Remember that time with your wife and kids when she was 11?”

    Person 1- “Yeah that was so funny.”

    Person 2- “So are we going up to the Strip club tonight?

    Person 1- “Yeah, sure.”

    Roller rink – Man I feel old. I remember “Skate Town” just down the street from where Lexis Nexis is today.

  4. Have you ever heard of the Waynesboro Generals ??

    They’re less then 30 minutes away and CHEAPER and CLOSER than Richmond Braves.

    You can get into the games for free and even bring in food.


    we go to all home games every summer and have a great time.

  5. strip clubs, oh that is easy:

    we are too liberal for women rights so strip clubs are bad
    we are too conservative because it would against God’s name

    didn’t ultimate bliss go in hoops to open

    my only question along with Strip Clubs sort of

    why don’t we have a Hooters?

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