Albemarle Democratic Nomination on Monday

There are three contested nominations in Albemarle County, all among Democrats, and all will be settled at the Monday evening nomination convention. The Albemarle County Democratic Party will hold the event at 6pm at the Albemarle County Office Building. Attendees will be selecting between Janet Ferrance and Debbie Shipp for Clerk of Circuit Court, and Larry Claytor and Roger Craig for Sheriff. Those living in the southern end of the county will be voting on whether incumbent Lindsay Dorrier or challenger Kevin Fletcher should be the party’s nominee. The winners of those contests will go on to face independent and Republican opposition in the general election come November.

Registration starts at 6pm, and the doors close at 7pm, so make sure you get there early enough to get signed in so that you’ll be credentialed to vote. If you get there late then you can only watch.

Few people have the faintest idea of how to pick somebody for clerk, though I get the sense folks are starting to make up their minds in the sheriff’s race. I’ll be spending the entire week at the beach, so I won’t be able to cast a vote, but if I were, I know I’d be voting for Larry Claytor. His campaign has been enormously impressive, he’s a great guy, and, having talked with him just a couple of times, I don’t doubt this Jim Webb Democrat will run a very vigorous campaign come fall. (Disclaimer: I’ve received $30 in advertising revenue from his campaign to run a pair of ads on On the topic of clerk, though, I must admit that I’m clueless.

Make your pitch: Who should people vote for?

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