Albemarle Democratic Nomination on Monday

There are three contested nominations in Albemarle County, all among Democrats, and all will be settled at the Monday evening nomination convention. The Albemarle County Democratic Party will hold the event at 6pm at the Albemarle County Office Building. Attendees will be selecting between Janet Ferrance and Debbie Shipp for Clerk of Circuit Court, and Larry Claytor and Roger Craig for Sheriff. Those living in the southern end of the county will be voting on whether incumbent Lindsay Dorrier or challenger Kevin Fletcher should be the party’s nominee. The winners of those contests will go on to face independent and Republican opposition in the general election come November.

Registration starts at 6pm, and the doors close at 7pm, so make sure you get there early enough to get signed in so that you’ll be credentialed to vote. If you get there late then you can only watch.

Few people have the faintest idea of how to pick somebody for clerk, though I get the sense folks are starting to make up their minds in the sheriff’s race. I’ll be spending the entire week at the beach, so I won’t be able to cast a vote, but if I were, I know I’d be voting for Larry Claytor. His campaign has been enormously impressive, he’s a great guy, and, having talked with him just a couple of times, I don’t doubt this Jim Webb Democrat will run a very vigorous campaign come fall. (Disclaimer: I’ve received $30 in advertising revenue from his campaign to run a pair of ads on On the topic of clerk, though, I must admit that I’m clueless.

Make your pitch: Who should people vote for?

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  1. I’d say Kevin is going to get my vote. We need some fresh blood in there, and Lindsay has proven that he’s far too much a part of the “status quo” of the way development occurs in the county.

    Kevin has also made some good points about development issues recently at meetings, and seems to care passionately about the community.

  2. Received a snooze-tastic flyer at my home from Dorrier yesterday, plastered with buzzwords but little else. Mass transit! Smart Growth! Better jobs!
    In all seriousness, does anyone have an update on his health? Is he fit to serve?

  3. I got that postcard, too, Dave. I don’t live anywhere near the Scottsville district, so it was strange to receive. Mr. Dorrier made some rather remarkable statements about himself and his beliefs that do not, in any way, match his own voting record. More than anything else, I was just left feeling confused, like there’d been some sort of a terrible mixup at the printer/mailer.

  4. I also have gotten Dorrier fliers in Jouett.

    I’m looking forward to the clerk of court race in a way. I always have this tendency to pick a candidate LONG before the actual election, so it will be nice to sit, watch two speeches, and make my decision then.

    Oh, and vote Claytor!

  5. I think only those in Dorrier’s district get to vote against him or for him . . . asking around it seems like those who got the mailer were all Democratic Party members, despite the district in which they live.

    But on the Sheriffs race, I certainly have to endorse Larry. I first met Larry when he helped me work the polls on election day. Remember, it was nasty, cold and rainy; we where standing in front of Crozet Elementary with soggy sample ballets. Real Nice.

    Its interesting that Waldo called him a Jim Webb Democrat . . . I think that applies on many levels. The party is growing–and we are winning elections– because more and more middle of the road people like Larry Claytor and Jim Webb are coming over to our side. They are simply disgusted, sick and tired of the nasty partisanship the Rs have been peddling the last 10 years. Also, the country got to see how they run things when they are in charge . . . not pretty, to say the least!

    Anyway, I have been helping Larry out and have been very impressed with him. He is an insanely hard worker, running a campaign, being a police officer, coordinating rescue and recovery operations, investigating bomb scares and toxic waste dumping, and being president of CARS, vice-president of the Lions Club . . . all at the same time!

    And I think he has the profile to beat Harding in the general. He is well know in the community, and has an impressive resume.

    He is one of the top rated forensic investigators AND instructors in the state! That other guy Larry is running against, takes classes, Larry actually teaches them!

    Anyway, thats my two cents.

  6. My .02, for what it’s worth.

    Larry Claytor for Sheriff. Larry’s an honest, hard-working salt of the earth kind of guy. He’s no intellectual slouch, and did I mention honest? He’s a committed community person, serving for decades at CARS, as well as other organizations. As for Roger Craig, I just don’t see how he gets beyond his false filing for candidacy when he certified that he resided in Albemarle County back in February. He did not, he admits he did not, still doesn’t, and maybe won’t even by the time he has to in order to be an eligible candidate. A vote for him is a vote for Chip Harding, IMHO.

    Debbie Shipp for County Clerk. She’s been working this job for 30 years. For anyone who’s had to use the clerk’s office, you may have encountered her on the 3rd floor. Janet from the city GENERAL DISTRICT

  7. Sorry, hit submit by accident.

    Anyway, Janet has only general district court clerk experience. Very very different from circuit court, a court of record, which deals with unique things, like probate and recording deeds, etc. Debbie’s the one with the experience, the only one.

  8. There is a great letter to the editor about Larry Claytor in today’s Daily Progress.

    You should check it out:!news

    Claytor deserves party nomination

    May 13, 2007

    Text bellow:

    On May 14 the Albemarle County Democratic Party will conduct a caucus to select its nominee for the sheriff of Albemarle County. Citizens of the county need to elect a man with impeccable character, a broad spectrum of law enforcement knowledge and experience, demonstrated leadership ability and a long-standing affiliation with and commitment to our community.

    Larry Claytor grew up in Albemarle County, went to Albemarle County schools, attended Virginia Tech, earned a bachelor’s degree from Bluefield College and has acquired 33 years of law enforcement experience in Albemarle County with both the sheriff’s office and the police department. He knows many of Albemarle County’s residents personally, and they have firsthand knowledge of his unblemished record of proven dedication and commitment to Albemarle County.

    Larry Claytor’s character is flawless. He is a devoted husband to his wife, Debbie, and a dedicated father to his three sons. He is active with many community service organizations, such as Camp Albemarle, the Piedmont Shrine and the Lions Club. Currently in his fifth term as president, Larry is in his 32nd year of active involvement in the Charlottesville-Albemarle Rescue Squad. In March Larry received the Albemarle County 2007 Community Service Award from the Albemarle County Police Foundation.

    The maintenance of an efficient and orderly court system is the primary leadership role of the local sheriff. Larry’s extensive training and experience with all of the law enforcement agencies in our county make him the optimal choice for sheriff.

    Historically, the sheriff of Albemarle County has been a person who is familiar with its people, its places and all facets of its law enforcement system. As many citizens of our county, including myself, know firsthand, Larry has always been willing to step up and help someone in need of assistance no matter the time of day or the nature of the situation.

    Larry Claytor’s training, experience and character make him the man who should receive the Democratic nomination and go on to become the next sheriff of Albemarle County.

    Pete Davidson

    Albemarle County

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