Working on Spam Fighting

One of the side effects of no longer requiring registration to post comments on is that now I have to battle spammers. (There were 1,026 attempts to post spam comments in the last week alone.) This means that legitimate comments are sometimes being wrongly identified as spam, which sucks. I’ve just reduced the strength of the anti-spam system, meaning fewer good messages will be blocked, but more spam will get through, which I’ll delete when I spot it. Bear with me.

7 thoughts on “Working on Spam Fighting”

  1. I’ve been running both Bad Behavior and Akismet. Bad Behavior has been doing just fine (save for its reliance on overly-broad RBLs), but Akismet has wrongly been flagging about 2% of all comments as spam. That’s an enormous false positive rate. So the change that I’ve made, that spurred this blog entry, was disabling Akismet, because it’s clearly not working here.

  2. I use Akismet on a half dozen other blogs, and I’ve never had a false-positive rate like this. Clearly something about the discussions here — whether the IPs, the words used, or the user names — runs counter to what Akismet is accustomed to.

  3. you know Waldo, I am not a big fan of the death penalty but I would make a exception for creators of spam. What a waste of resource trying so hard to get your point across. And all for what? Out of the gizzion spams you make, like .0001% actually fall for it.

    keep up the great work!

  4. Waldo, you might consider contacting the folks over at Automattic. If your comment stream is a rich source of false positives, they’ll (hopefully) want to take a look at where their software is going wrong.

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