2 thoughts on “Global Warmings Brings Rising Sea Tear Levels”

  1. People ought to be more respectful to the wife a guy who made a funny TV show 10 years ago when she wants to talk about climatology. Heh-heh.

  2. I am going to re-post the same comment I made over at the Hook blog regarding this event. I would love to hear from someone who had a positive experience at this thing. I am sure you are out there…

    I was at this disaster and have a couple of thoughts:
    1) This event was touted in the media (or at least on the two radio stations I listen to) as “the Robert Randolf and the Family Band kicking off the C’ville Pavilion Season” oh and maybe a little something about the global warming tour. I think most people were expecting this to be primarily a fun musical event and if there were to be an educational component, it would be kept brief.
    2) Laurie David is not a particularly dynamic speaker.
    3) She did not walk off of the stage after 20 minutes, I was there at 7:25 expecting to hear some tunes and she started her talk about 10 minutes later. I left the venue at 8:15 when it seemed like there was no end in site. She may have ended soon thereafter, but she really went on and on and on to a crowd who had come out to hear a famous, upbeat band.
    4) I consider myself to be environmentally responsible and so she was preaching to the choir as far as I was concerned, but my god woman, keep it short and to the point.
    5) I do feel sorry for Ms. David and feel bad that she left with an unfavorable opinion of our fair city, but both she and the tour promoters would seem to share in some of the blame for that.

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