We’re Paying for Albemarle Place’s Sewers

Jayson Whitehead reports in the current C-Ville Weekly that the developers behind Albemarle Place (on the old Sperry Marine site) have just now bothered to check whether the sewage system can handle their added capacity and, surprise, it can’t. The sewer line running down 29 is called the Meadow Creek interceptor, and it was put in by the city in the ’50s. The guys at Albemarle Place are complaining mightily, but if they’re planning on putting up a dime in proffers to help pay for the enormous upgrade project, I haven’t heard anything about it. I fail to understand why we’re obliged to pay for all of the infrastructure upgrades necessary to accommodate any fool who wanders into town and tries to plop down an enormous development where it doesn’t belong, Biscuit Run-style. Look at the title of most any page on their website: “Albermarle Place.” That says it all, doesn’t it?

I moved from merely disliking Albemarle Place to hating it when I saw that they’re calling the private road that will run through the development “New Main Street.” Screw you, Albemarle Place, for trying to declare that you’ve improved on downtown by privatizing it. Plus, we’ve got a sewer and you don’t, so ha-ha.

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