Lynch Won’t Run for Reelection

Kevin Lynch announced last night that he will not seek reelection, Seth Rosen writes in today’s Progress. At last night’s annual Charlottesville Democratic Pasta Supper, Lynch said that two consecutive terms had been enough, but that he may run for Council again in four or six years after he can “recharge [his] battery and reconnect with people.”

Given Mayor David Brown’s inevitable announcement that he’s running for a second term, and Kendra Hamilton’s retirement at the end of her first term, this means that two seats are opening up. Suddenly every candidate has a 100% better shot at getting nominated at the June 2nd Democratic convention.

4 thoughts on “Lynch Won’t Run for Reelection”

  1. In the Progress article, Lynch is quoted as saying “I do look forward to getting back into the community, recharge my battery and reconnect with people”

    I must say that I find it refreshing to read about a politician who actually admits to being disconnected from people.

  2. Big Al. I agree with you! This year reminds me so much of the years with Schilling on Council. Kevin picked up right where Rob left off!!

  3. Man, I’m gonna miss Kevin on Council. Those are tough shoes to fill. There aren’t many people with that much of an independent streak who can get through a major party’s primary process. I hope he remains involved with the Charlottesville Democratic Party so that he’ll have some influence to throw around. I can’t think of anyone else who served on Council that long without losing sight of why they wanted to get into politics in the first place.

    Kevin is one in a million.

  4. I used to have my doubts about Kevin-but after he voted against the last budget, because he favored a lower tax rate, my opinion of him has become much more favorable. Its too bad though that he didnt come to this way of thinking earlier, and instead of feuding with Rob Schilling, tried to work with him.

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