2 thoughts on “House Disappears”

  1. According to a news article (DP I think) mentioning the house. It was supposed to be “relocated” somewhere. I think the article said to the back corner of the development property where it would function as an office. The article specifically mentioned that the developer liked the house and didn’t want to tear it down which is why it was supposed to be relocated.

  2. Ask and ye shall find within yourself

    Wood is waiting on a Virginia Department of Environmental Quality permit that would allow him to move the building to another part of his property. Because a small creek stands in the way, Wood needs a permit to move the house.

    “I could step over the creek myself,” he said. “It’s kind of silly, but that’s the way it works. It really can be a chore to get these permits.”

    Of course that’s dated from 11/2005, and the house was supposed to be moved within 6 months. Somewhere, I suppose, is a story about what went wrong to cause a year’s delay.

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